Back in the classroom today

After 25 years of working in my specialised area .My employers and I agreed to terminate my employment as of today ..

Onwards and upwards I am starting college today on a very part-time basis of 3 hours a week to do a diploma in counselling which will broaden my horizons keep me out of mischief and of course it's something I want to do for me ..have a lovely day all

Angie x

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Good luck with your course, Angie. Enjoy your studies.

Thank you ergendl got my rucksack lol and an apple for the teacher enjoy your day xxxx

Enjoy x

Go for it, a change is as good as a rest.

Thanks I'm on my way lol x

Best of luck Angie. After all those years of hard work, you deserve to do something just for you. Enjoy 😁🌻 xx

Thank you I will xxx

Good for you! Have to say, my memories of schooldays have cast a very long shadow - I've never wanted to return to any classroom since then.......though there's been times when I've wished it wasn't so.

I hope you thoroughly enjoy it.

I never regretted returning to study after 20 years working as a secretary/book-keeper. Studying in college is so different to studying at school - you don't get driven, you have to push yourself. But what I was learning was so exciting I hardly had to push myself at all.

Thankyou I'm thoroughly given it a go xx

I find learning to be fun and exciting especially the subjects that are up to you to figure out, like trying to understand the chaotic nature of the weather patterns and trying to forecast what they are going to do. Great fun.

I had awful memories of school as well and left at the earliest possible moment. It took me years to go to evening class but I loved it. Then I got into University as a mature student and realised I was actually quite bright academically which was something of a revelation. It revolutionised my life and was the best thing I ever did.

Enjoy your studies Angie and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Many thanks I will I know it lol xxx

Thanks magpuss I hope so lots to learn xxx

Good luck with your college course Angie and wishing you well. Xxxxxx

Thanks sassy means a lot xxx

Enjoy your course. All the best counsellors are the ones who have been through situations.

Thanks duck lol fingers crossed x

Congratulations and good luck for the future. A big new door opens, eh?

So long as it don't slam shut once I'm in lol xxxx

I can feel your anticipation Angie. Starting a course is always so exciting and a valid excuse to buy new notebooks. Enjoy the new challenge.

I love my notebook silvery embossed doodles on 4 pages already but I'm going to enjoy it a very small group of 5 and the learning process is a challenge my teeth are biting lol xx

Good luck and I am sure you will become a wonderful counsellor they are much in demand I hope you enjoy your course and can spread a little help here x

Thank you for your kind words means a lot xxx

Angie x

Well done Angie, I bet you'll really enjoy college. xx

I know I'm going to enjoy it i feel positive Casper and thank you so much xxx

Angie, It will be a new world for you - You find so much about yourself. I am happy for you. Large hug & pat on the back. Mary

Thank you Mary for your kind words it's very much a self awareness thing as much as developing learning curves ...

Hugs back atcha Angie xxx

God Bless Ya Darling xxxx Best Wishes Colin xxxx

Thank you Colin god bless you to xxx

Good luck on your new path Angie have a wonderful time x

Thanks Bee oh I intend to student life at 58 amazing lol I can get up to mischief lol enjoy your day hunni xx

Angiecbr bonnie lass who are you planning to counsel?

You lol no I want to specialise in all areas when I complete my course then find my niche but got to pass my course and exams first before I get let loose on clients

Good luck. I have no doubt you will be a success. x

Thank you lovely man

Namaste πŸ˜€

Namaste x

Wow - that was quick Angie - wonderful. You certainly don't let any grass grow under your feet do you? I'm sure you'll live the course & do very well. Enjoy xx

Many thanks it's only part-time but I intend to grab with gusto and enjoy lol

Angie x

Lovely to hear about your exciting "new" challenge Angie

I read part of an interesting article about Bob Dylan. That was wrong, I say part although I really enjoyed all of it. Speaking about the sixties and being laid back and even getting honest with each other, more importantly getting on with each other, always the possibility that people might accuse me of being a "Hippy". Indeed I was. Not into drugs or anything like that I just genuinely the friendliness and of course that great word you used Angie - TRAINING.

I was indeed a fortunate man. I started teaching in 1969. It really was a tremendous profession then and what made a significant difference, teachers were respected. Whilst teachers are adults and do work with students and children still, over a period of time, society has managed to remove the idea respect from day to day usage. It fitted me like a glove as a Hippy, even better as a teacher.

I used to fully respect all my students, children, young adults, whoever. We worked in harmony. Sadly all we seem to have to see demonstrated is to walk the length of a street or [allegedly] pedestrianised area to see so much disharmony around us. Skateboarders thundering along, all that noise. Cyclists pushing and pedaling only just missing the darting about children and pushchairs. School Holidays all the worst as noisy groups of "school aged" children seemingly moving around en masse in a way more suited to a school playground. At least few of them are moving sufficiently slowly with their Smart Phones to be bumping into cyclists push chairs.

Oh what a difference between the Street Scene above in Today's Life Cycle and compared to being sat in a park laid back listening to music. Attending Lectures, finding out about oneself, understanding, befriending, teaching, learning, caring.

So here we go back to the days of bob Dylan when all e wanted to do was pick up his guitar, much easier then because it was acoustic, and just go out and about singing songs, often with interesting stories helping others just to enjoy.

When you pack your bags make sure you have your MP3 player with you and 50 years on from Woodstock as it is this year just have a bundle of fun and enjoy life. And yes we will still hear from you I am sure.

Much Love & Peace

Wow much love and peace back to you iv read your post and will need to read again slowly to breath in the freshness of it..bob Dylan Leonard Cohen from one hippy to another x

Good for you Angie. Enjoy your course - you never know where it will lead to.

Hopefully a rewarding career like the one I can no longer do due to having copd and Thank you x

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