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Hi just to let you know i was discharged this evening still on abs for pneumonia ciprofloxacin i am sorry I never posted whilst in hospital issues with Internet .I really appreciate all the messages I have just seen .I have now been told I have emphasyma also and to pit of with gall stones .I have got two new aditions meberveriene and lanzaropolle as well as Senna and liquid prep,oh joy .Unfortunatley no answers on pain wrong side for the gall stones and still got sweats and chills whilst in hospital was given sleeping tabs got a couple of hours 2/3 sleep but wouldn't give them for home .Tonight I have had a major meltdown really frightened my husband and myself whilst in hospital I have agreed to speak to a psychiatrist I know I must because I am really struggling to the point of explosion I know there are people worse of than me but I feel so low I had hopes of at least my pain been under control and the doctors reckon the temperature changes I have could be caused by anxiety I once again want to say a big thank you to everyone who had asked of me wish I could have more positive news xxx

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  • I am so pleased to hear that you are home, as I am sure everyone else will be. :)

  • Thank you just wish felt better

  • So good to hear from you.

  • Thank you wish I felt brighter but so good to know I have had such good support from this friendly group need it badly as do we all

  • I'm really pleased to hear that you are home, hope you will finally get sorted. It's nice to know you are ok. Chat soon,you take care 😊 xxx Bernadette

  • Thanks Bernadette hope so xx

  • Good to hear you're now back home. Hope things will soon be much better for you once you get help in controlling the anxiety.

  • Thank you i have just come down stairs I was going to stay in bed all day but have decided to try to fight the depression

  • I have heard bad reports about Cipro, a fluoroquinolone drug.

  • Although it has side effects, like all drugs, it is an extremely useful antibiotic and, indeed, the only oral antibiotic effective against some infections

  • Thanks Hanne

  • So pleased that you're home and back in contact again, seeing a therapist or counsellor sounds like a positive step , and of course there is everyone on this sight looking out for you

    Lots of rest and good food and meds xx

  • In all honesty this site has been a godsend for me I hope to please God start to have some sort of normality soon xx

  • It's so good to have you back Margaret, I was amazed at all the friends you have here. Do you think it did you any good at all being in hospital? Speaking to someone about your anxiety might be the way forward. I can't see why you can't have sleeping tablets at home, would probably lessen your anxiety and give you the luxury of a few hours sleep! I will chat to you tomorrow. Love Lilian xxxxx

  • Hi Lillian Nice to hear from you just found out been discharged from community matron because been in hospital over 72 hours .I don't understand why I could have sleeping tablets in hospital but not at home will it ever be ok xx

  • Hi Lillian just wanted to say a big thank you to you for your concern for me ii appreciate it truly take care xxx

  • Hello Margaret, thanks not necessary, you have lots of friends who were concerned about you as we knew how ill you felt before going into hospital, and very disappointed you didn't feel better when you came home. I hope you've contacted your Matron again. They probably stop their visits as they assume you would feel better after hospital treatment and you didn't!. I had a bad day on Sunday, I think it was this gastric reflux thing, didn't get any sleep because of the pain, nothing helped. Phoned the Dr yesterday morning had an ecg in the afternoon, that was ok, and efficient. The paramedic didn't seem to know much about acid reflux,I don't either. Feel a bit better today, less pain, but feel like I am recovering from an infection, that awful weak feeling. Do you think your panic attack was a feeling of insecurity, after being looked after in hospital, you were on your own! The abs you are on are very strong, I felt quite ill when I was taking them but they did the trick. Hope you have a better day Margaret. Love Lilian. xxxx

  • Afternoon Lillian The community matron department telephoned yesterday and told me visits stopped because in hospital more than 72 hours and I have to be referred back to them through the GP what a nightmare after it took do long to get one at first but.I am pleased your Ecg was fine and sorry you have not been well the hospital has put me on Meds for stomach problems I didn't know I had also found out I have gall stones but the pain I get is not on the side where the stones are I was disappointed because then it would have been a answer The panic attacks have been horrendous and have quite frightened me .I have heard that the abs are very strong win lots of side effects also hope you feeling a bit better love Margaret ps maybe we can also private message xx

  • Afternoon Margaret, not sure how to start pm but if you start it I can follow. I'm not too savvy where technology is concerned, I don't even have a mobile phone, don't want one! I like my PC. Where did you get all you knowledge from? Do you message from a phone or tablet. Would take me days to message that way. What stomach meds are you on? What sets your panic attacks off, does it affect your breathing? Must be really frightening, but quite common I think. Look forward to receiving your pm. Love Lilian xxxxx

  • Hi Lillian I must be doing something wrong I thought I just had to click on your name to get private message going but must have hoy it wrong will have to ask how to start it. Would be nice if we could sometimes panic just comes on anytime and yes it I'd very frightening you can message phone tablet or pc I have had a couple of private messages but all I have to do is reply so we need someone to tell us how to do it tablets I on for stomach meberveriene and lanzaropolle xxx

  • Nice to hear your back home.

  • Thanks just wish I didn't still feel like I do but onwards and upwards they say

  • So pleased to hear from you

    Take care


  • Thanks Dorothy just trying to sort my head out

  • Good to hear you've had treatment for some of your problems. I had cold & hot flushes with anxiety a few months ago. Anxiety can make you feel really yucky with lots of physical symptoms. I think once you get help with that, other thinks will start to feel better. Although you won't feel like it, you have to be persistent to get the help you need. I wish you well - enjoy being back in your home & take each day at a time. Pls keep us updated with your progress. My good wishes 🌻Christina xx

  • These hot and cold flushes are wearying can't sleep under covers more ne you sleep lol no seriously if you any idea how to cope with them please please tell it is so awful on top of everything else xx

  • Sorry to ask again but could you possibly give me some idea of how you got rid of your sweats and chills please I am desperate xx

  • Yay. Nothing like your own bed and familiar surroundings.

  • Wish it was so can't explain why I can't settle at night ?

  • Good to know you are home and hoping things do improve. You don't have all the answers no but get all the help you can and things will gradually get better.

    Wishing you well.

    Take care xxxxxx

  • Thank you sassy I am asking the questions just not getting answers was so looking forward to maybe getting rid of the sweats and freezes being like a damp rag just one bit of relief would be something but not happening .Would you believe in have been took of community matrons book because hospitalised more than 72 hours remember the carry on I had to get it unbelievable xxxx

  • Have to reapply --- good old NHS!!

  • Shocking isn't it my stress levels are at limit now

  • I have been thinking about you time to drink.....and I can empathise with what you are going through.

    I have felt overwhelming anxiety at times in the past...huge waves of fear. I got into a vicious circle of panic and breathlessness and infection.

    Hopefully your pneumonia will treated by the antibiotics, and you will feel physically better which will help relieve the anxiety.

    Try and breathe as gently as you possibly can, with a relaxed belly, and through your nose. hopefully.

    Is there someone, your husband maybe, who can just hold your hands gently or , I know it sounds strange, just gently stroke your arms . My daughter did this to my elderly father when he was poorly and it did relax him.

    Sometimes a tight hug can make you more breathless but a gentle massage may help.....just to feel someone close so you do not feel so isolated and locked into yourself by fear. Remember if you are on oxygen, don't use any cream that might be dangerous.

  • The panic attack I had last night was one of the worst yet i truly thought I was hoping to pass out I frightened Frank I know as well as myself thank you for your tips on relaxation xx

  • Nice to see you are home your own bed and things around you xxxx

  • Thanks I have more or less just got up I knew if I didn't get up now I was going to have problems going downstairs again awful to be this way but will keep at it xxxx

  • Well welcome back ! So lovely to hear you are home, yes you have an awful lot to contend with at the moment but your never alone as we are all here supporting you at a click of a button, so pleased you have agreed to speak freely about your feelings and am sure it's goin to be a giant step to you feeling better mentally and coming to terms with your illness and it's ups and downs, don't beat yourself up about not doing this or that it doesn't matter as long as you are taking care of yourself everything else can wait, take great care, and take a minute to feel within yourself that everyone on this site is here supporting and wishing you well.xx

  • The support I get from this site means so much .I have had a couple of sessions of telephone counselling but I have admitted to myself I need more in depth face yo face counselling to progress xxx

  • So glad to hear you're home. I hope you get someone to talk to about your anxiety. Things will maybe look better then.

  • I Definitley need someone to talk to and some sense of normality or as normal as can be otherwise i can't see a point to anything anxiety is crippling

  • Welcome home T2D, sorry they couldn't fix you. :-(

  • Thanks don so am I just a little. Would have been something 😷

  • Hi again, I just thought of a few more things that I felt were useful to me in dealing with my panic and breathlessness.

    pursed lip breathing......but very very gently....some of the you tube demos are a bit too big breath inhalation so be careful. Repeat a few times.

    no panic have a very useful website.

    A small hand held battery fan ....just aim the gentle stream of cool air at your lower face, but check if that's ok if you are on oxygen before you try .

    Listening to calming music , mantras and later meditation. You tube have some Shanti recordings for Peace .

    And please try and treat yourself as if you were a good friend........with compassion, don't be hard on yourself.

  • So glad to hear your back home

  • Thank you Donna I wish I could feel good about being home blame the Abs

  • It's good to hear you are home. Good days are coming. Once you get help, you will be ready to jump a five bar gate. Thinking of you. Maggie x

  • I will hold you to that Maggie would be good x

  • Welcome home, hope your recovery is speedy now.

  • Thank you Katie I need to take a leaf out of your book I think

  • Hi I'm sorry your still feeling unwell let's hope when the meds kick in ,just take it easy for a while .Sending a gentle hug . X

  • Thanks do hope so seem to be getting myself in a constant state of panic again was hoping for better things thanks for hug all welcome x

  • My darling don't worry ,I know it's easy to say but you will come good and tell them how your feeling ,talking always helps .Thete is nothing you can say that they have not heard before .I tell myself that when I have to have a smear yuk hate them .My dr used to slap me on my bottom gently and say come on I have seen lots of these and I made him laugh with well you haven't seen mine .xx I miss him he retired early .Anyway I digress we are here for you .Hope tomorrow goes well .xx

  • So glad you are home and hope that you make progress. I am also glad that you are going to get psychiatric help as it is well known that anxiety and depression are side effects of serious illness, which is often ignored. I have taken mebeverine and lansoprozole for many years without any problems. Mebeverine is an anti-spasmodic and I find it very effective. Very slippery tablets and easy to drop. All the best xx

  • I take mebeverine when I have anxiety induced IBS. Very good.

  • I rang the psyche team this morning because I had a dreadful night laid in bed till after one today so decided to phone them I spoke to someone when I was in hospital I found out I should have been seeing them this Wednesday but they not sure what will happen now I'm home and the lady I was to see is not at work till Wednesday why do I have all this chew xxx

  • Don't be hard on yourself, it's ok to say no. Blessings to you, Laddieday

  • Thank you for your kindness

  • Please hang in there. You are going through a lot. Talking to a psychiatrist will certainly help.

  • so glad to hear your home and i know its hard but try n stay positive all our thoughts and prayers are with you xoxoloretta

  • Thank you it is so hard but I know I will have to try harder xx

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