Could it be that COPD may have saved my life?

The terrible news about Sokracker's poor brother has prompted me think a bit deeper about one of my own prospects. There is the possibility that I may be developing lung cancer and have been put on a "watch a wait list". Just as with COPD, if I have it then I have to accept, that it is, what it is........but it will have been spotted in it's early stage and a very good chance of survival because of that.

But thinking about it more........I never, ever, in a million years did I think that I might one day say that "Being diagnosed with COPD possibly helped save my life!", because of the regular monitoring from CT Scans and checkups. COPD has also encouraged me to get a lot fitter, fit enough so that if I do need to have surgery at any time, that can be performed as well. Without that diagnosis I would have carried on with my life in total ignorance until it was too late.

It's a very strange world we that we live in. Just by shifting perspective a little, the world can look so very different. Maybe clouds really can have silver linings after all?

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It's strange how things work out for some but not for others. Xxxxx

That's great for you, so nice to here a nice thing for a change. Take care 😊 xxx Bernadette

Early detection is a biggy. Here's hoping it all goes well.

Not a given yet, maybe I'll get an all clear yet, but if not it's just another hoop to jump through.

Very wise - like you I have gotten a lot fitter and stronger since the diagnosis especially my heart. Do hope everything stays well for you :)

That's very true and a very profound post. According to a consultant of a friends husband who wasn't diagnosed with lung cancer until stage 4, one of the common symptoms (which he had for 2 years) is thick and bendy toe and finger nails. This doesn't mean you have cancer but if you do then get it checked out just in case. He had no other symptoms apart from a hacking cough which necessitated his doctors visit but too late to save him.

That's a good way to look at it. Glass. Half. Full. Then. Half empty. Can. Make. A world of difference it can. Always be. So much. Worse. Staying posertive. Is a must. You just hang there and things. Are never as bad. As they could. Be. But. I suppose. When does hit the fan. ---- It. All you or we can. Do. Is try to keep. Smiling andbe. As. Strong as. We can. Once you start. Struggling. And. Getting down it gets harder. Like swimming. If. You stop. Trying to stay. Afloat. And I am talking when we all much. Stronger. But if you stop. Swimming you drown. Must. Keep head. Above. I know it's harsh. But. It seem. We. When get. On or. Older. Or became. Iller. Then. It's. All about. Fighting to have a life. One that we or I use to take for granted. But. Boy. I love. It When I have a good day or something good happens. Well. 2 greys. And. All. Bless you. All. Bye. Paul

Same happened to me. CT scan as to whether asthma had turned to emphysema led to PETscan which showed up lymphoma tumour (now in remission after chemo ) and watch and wait on my lung. After a year did a biopsy and found early stage cancer, lobe removed and a year on am fine. Well except for this cold that's going round. But walk 3 miles most days and breathe well. So right attitude imho. Thank you NHS. Please vote to ensure its continuity.

you one of the lucky one thats landed on he feet. and may i say good for you.

as for me am greatful that at last i found that the 24 hours in a day were to be treasured.

copd put a stop to my smoking that was posioning my wife and children.

i thought that i was the only one that felt happy with copd 😏

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