Busy month

Busy month

Been quite busy this last few weeks to be able to write on this site.

We had a baby shower for my eldest daughter, my youngest daughter got engaged, we celebrated our 42nd wedding anniversary. My eldest daughter was taken into hospital for baby Sophie to be induced on 8th April, but baby didn't arrive till 14th. Baby is fine but my daughter haemorrhaged quite badly and was on transfusions for a couple of days. I brought her and the baby home on 18th, my birthday so it was the best present I had.

I was away camping with the scouts and cubs from 14th till Sunday 16th. I managed to get the kids home and got to the hospital and see Sophie for the 1st time for the last 20 minutes of visiting time on Sunday.

Both are doing fine at home now, son-in-law is looking after them both, my wife and I went over to visit them yesterday.

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What an eventful but wonderful month for you all. Congratulations on the birth of your grandchild. Take care have a wonderful day 😊 xxx Bernadette

Congratulations. What a beautiful baby, looks like baby has a big hello smile for everyone no small baby by the looks. Enjoy X

You have had a busy time Tuck Box and what a beautiful baby little Sophie is, she had a smile on her face already. Fantastic birthday present for you.xx

What a gorgeous photo!


Congratulations, what a wonderful birthday present, I am sorry that your daughter had difficulties and I hope that she is feeling stronger. Sophie is a lovely name.



Thanks Cutanea,

The midwife had my daughter taken back into hospital over this weekend as she seems to have caught an infection, they had her on IV antibiotics and she got home late Sunday night. Baby and husband did have to go into hospital with her which did not help.

Sophie has been really good since they started feeding her as per the midwife rather than the hospital, they were not giving her enough and she was crying because she was hungry, since they are feeding her more she seems to be settling down well at home.


Hi Gordon,

My apologies for the delay in my reply, for some reason I couldn't sign in.

By now I hope that your daughter is better, I have always believed that Mother knows best as far as feeding goes, I am glad that Sophie has settled down.

It is many years since my babies were born but I well remember the agony of worrying if they wouldn't feed.

I hope that all goes well,


Mary (Cutanea)

Thanks Mary,

My daughter is on the mend and Sophie is still doing well.


You are welcome Gordon, I hope this good news continues.

How is your daughter and Sophie, Gordon? I hope that all is well.

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