Horrid day

I starved myself from 9pm last night to go for a blood test (under active thyroid) have been trying since January! The cold and windy weather is not good for me so I have put it off. Today I got in the car, drove down the road and then had to pull over as I could not get my breath. 10 mins later I just came home again. Feeling rotten all day and cold which is a sign that the thyroid needs are too low. Have to try for blood test next week!

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  • Wishing you well for next week. Hope you get there. Xxxx

  • Sounds like a miserable day, I hope tomorrow will be better.

  • Sending you kind thoughts & that tomorrow will be better for you 🌻X

  • Hope you well enough for next week,take care.xxx😊

  • Hello jocki . I'm so sorry to hear this. Please take it easy. I hope it works out next week. ((Gentle hug))

    Cas xx 🍀🌸🍀

  • Thank you all. It si wonderful to get the support that this site gives when it's needed!!!

  • Hope you get well soon and manage to get your bloods done soon Jocki, Brian :)

  • Hi I have an under active thyroid for nearly 20 years and have never had to go on a fasting before my blood tests...have had to when having cholesterol checked....always a first time I suppose....yes feeling the cold and tired are classic signs that you have gone low and need your meds higher....take care hope you get it sorted soon....lots of hugs 🤗 to you....x

  • Thank you all. Today is a bit better but waking up in the middle of the night boiling hot and running with sweat was not much fun!

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