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Nearly a Day on the Beach.


I can not walk now very far

My joints are all worn out.

I live near sea and sandhills.

Where I used to run about.

I had a bright idea.

Where I might do that again.

On a mobility scooter,

That can tackle all terrain.

They cost a lot of money

So I hired one at first.

So if it did not work out,

I'd not lose much at worst.

It had a basket on the front

Where Midge my dog could sit

She isn't really very big

So she would easily fit.

When it arrived it looked so tough

I was sure it would be fine.

I tried it out myself at first

Midge can come next time.

I headed for the golf course

Across which is the sea.

It was so exhilarating

It filled me full of glee.

Then I hit the sandhills

And the bumps began to start

The darn thing has no seat belt

I thought that we would part!

I'm glad that Midge isn't with me

With my sore and aching hips

If she had been in that basket

She would have ended up as chips!

The man came to collect it

And send it on it's way.

Midge and I are still around

To fight another day.

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Dear me Don you have to know your limitations especially on a scooter. Pete has sunk in sand and mud but it's all good fun. He wouldn't be without his scooter. I don't fit in the basket though! Shame. Xxxxxx 👍😀

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I have a Shoprider Cadiz which is fine for ordinary pavements and roads, but I wanted to go cross country. The scooter could have got there quite easily, but I wouldn't have still been sitting on it! You need to be able to hang on to it as bounces along, it has a very powerful motor.

sassy59 in reply to Hidden

Ok now l have a vision of you bouncing along on your scooter Don! Xxx 😀

Hello. Don did it get stuck. And. How much. Was it. To hire. And buy. Well. Iam glad. You and midge . Survived. Your. Fun. At the beach. Take care. Paul. They are good them buggies. I have a. Shoprider its. 21 yrs old. And I have. Just put new. Battery's in. But. It's not good off road. Don. Can't you. Just stick to the paths. It's. Very important you get out and about. More now with summer. Coming. Just. Get. A good 2 nd hand one here in London there's loads for sale you can get. A really good one. For £5 one £6. Hundred. Quid they are great. You just have to take your time. But when it's clear and smooth. You can wiz. About faster then healthy people walk. Must. Get out. And about. And see the sun. And be part of the community. It's nice to talk. Sometimes when I can not get out I hate it because I can.t talk to others. Well. My. Old. Mucker look after yourself. And take your time. We get there in the end. Goodbye. Paul.

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No it didn't get stuck, Paul, they are like tractors and can go anywhere. I've lived here by the sandhills and the sea all my life and have been used to wandering along the shoreline and the many walks through the dunes. I miss doing that and seeing an advert of this scooter I thought there was a possibility of me doing that again. But you needed a lot of strength to control the thing and I just don't have that anymore. I was being greedy because I have an ordinary mobility scooter and a campervan. I should practice what I preach and count my blessing. ;-)

Think you'll have to give up on the sand dunes, Don. Just take your scooter or camper to the beach and enjoy looking at them.

Love your poems Don 😁 very clever. I'm sorry you & the hard terrain scooter didn't work out, best stick to the roads more travelled 🌻Christina

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Well I had to try. A costly experiment. :-(

I enjoyed that. Thank you Don. 😃😃😃

Hello Don I saw a piece in a magazine about all terrain mobility scooters. They can be used for hill climbing. I found the maker here.


Thank you Azure-Sky, I hadn't heard of them and I'm sorely tempted to book a demo. But my experience with the Mayan showed me that I have lost more of my physical capabilities than I had realised. I've been spoilt by my campervan with its toilet and other facilities being always available, no matter how far away I am from home.

Oh Don that really made me chuckle 😂😂😂. But at the same time I'm sorry your experiment didn't work out. It's great that you're getting out and about though X

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