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well just got back from the dreaded breathing tests and they could not give me a copy so i took a photo of the results now dont understand them so will try to write them down and hope you can make understand them

Norm Fev 3.20 first blow 1.99 go down after that

Norm Fev13.20 first blow o.90 down next 2

pef norm 395 first go 126 can any one explain because the nurse didnt want to

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At least you got a result. I did the test this morning and there wasn't the briefest comment made, let alone get a printout or access to the data.

I do think they could try and explain to us after all its our health instead of saying make a apointment the gp will have the results in 2 weeks when my gp is only 2 doors from the test seem silly to wait 2 weeks

That is so annoying, my nurse was kind enough to write down my results. My next COPD check up is on Monday 24th May.

good luck on monday Azure wish mine would be helpful

Sorry Dyson, those numbers don't mean anything to me I'm afraid. I always ask for my own copy of results so I can compare with the last. The nurses/docs are usually happy to explain them too. Looks like you were unlucky with your nurse 😳 I wonder if a call to one of the BLF nurses on Monday may help? Tc 🌻

Hi sunflower looks like i am with the wrong doctors so fed up with them now i will ring BLf on Monday

Yes I'm sure they'll be much more sympathetic & helpful. Good luck 🌻 x

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