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spirometry results, still not sure about it

had another done today and here are the results;

fev1: 4.06 (97%)

fvc: 5.39 (107%)

fev1/fvc: 75 (93%)

pef: 10.13 (105%)

fef25-75: 3.23 (68%)

doc told me that my fev1/fvc should be over 80. (i mean around 99-100%) and fef25-75 should be over 80%. he thinks that i have asthma and only prescribed (Flutikazon + Salmeterol) inhaler. by the way i'm 33 and not much of a smoker. only smoked 3-4 years, maybe a pack per week.

Any comments? I'm really concerned about the fev1/fvc. i mean it is at 75 (93%) but why the doc thinks that it should be over 80? (around 100%)

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the spirometry calculator is here:

after doing the calculation with the numbers you have above click on calculate for the result.

check with BLF helpline about any concerns you may have.

the above link has a search top right you can put in asthma for further details.


Helpline number is 03000 030 555.

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Hi do you have any symptoms?


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