WW2 Gas Mask - Asbestos

When I was young a friend of my brother brought round a WW2 gas mask (German, I believe). When they left the room he said don't breathe through that, it's got asbestos in - naturally being a child I went and tried to breathe through it.

Initially I couldn't get any air through, so took a huge breath. I then got a lungfull of dust and felt 'hairs' go down my throat and into my lungs - I can remember the sensation and accompanying dread very clearly.

Obviously asbestos fibres would be too small to feel like that... I'm wondering what I might have inhaled and if I should be worried, have any checks done?

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  • The only person who can offer suitable advice is your doctor. If you are at all worried s/he is the one to contact.

  • gas masks use charcoal as a fillter and have since ww 1

  • hi , on the internet, charcoal was frist used as filters then it was found that seeds such as chestnut made better filters.

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