How many people with acid reflux on this site

I was just wondering how many people on this site has Gerd or acid relux ... I never smoked except for forty years ago... Fourteen years ago I started with having problems with Acid reflux.. I have read that the gases go up then settle into your lungs. I have a cough all the time that started years back and lung infections all the time that caused they told me fibrosis none spending from all the lung infections I got... My feeling is I ended up with pr emphaysema from acid reflux... I went on a pill for acid refllux and I pill at night to thin emucus no coughing or phlegm in the morning . I havn't even had my blue puffer at all in ten days... Just wondering if any one come up with the same theory..

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Pete takes pills for acid reflux as it seems to be part of all his other problems. Long term steroids probably play a part. Xxx

I have acid reflux too for over 20 yrs and take Mylan-pantoprazole T

I used to have until I joined Slimming world. I must be eating the right food now

The Slimming world plan suits me as well, more problems when I don't follow It, reflux Colitis and Crohns are more unstable

Yes, I have it. Gaviscon liquid and Milk of Magnesia seem to help (not at the same time!).

I have reflux I take omeprazole it makes me cough and I choke loads to

I have reflux and take omeprzole still trying to sort it out with my gp as it has been very severe this last few weeks

Started on a new pill 151.00 nearly choked when they told me the price but it seems to be helping my horse voice or losing my voice has really eased up....

When I was taken that pill for reflux it cost 250.00 for 30 day supply....I live in the states and When medication is that a popular demand The pharmaceutical Up the price ,Sad but true !!!!..I read That a lot of people suffer with COPD Also suffer with Reflux too

It just cost me 151.00 for two month supply and yes the drug companies are not for the people that are sick they do need there big houses....Plus a freind of mine told me both of her bothers started off with acid reflux they did end up with asthma and she has acid reflux and gets lung infections. It makes me wonder about people who never smoked that end up with COPD

Mine has been worse too for the last month or so which I have no explanation for.

What made me wonder about this came across a write up on kids having gerd and asthma problems.

I have acid reflux. I have been taking apple cider vinegar 1 tablespoon in 8 oz water 2x day and it does better for me than omeprazole.

A friend of mine told me about that going to try that one..

l take meds for it.had it along time.l am going to a thyroid dr.right now l am told thet little gland in your neck can causes lots of problems if it is not working right.

My niece Does that And it works for her But not for me.Really happy for you good luck

I have had it for years together with chest pains and breathlessness until about 2 months ago when respiratory nurse recommended esomeprazole and not had a chest pain since also improved breathing. There are now tests and trial to determine if gerd and lung problems go hand in hand.


I have acid reflux, have had it for over 30 years. I was told a couple of weeks ago I have COPD, after beening treated for asthma since 1999, now been told I never had asthma.

Very interested in this! How did you find out it was acid reflux? X

Sorry I am now confused as to whether I have copd. I have just seen locum doctor who could not see anything on my notes about copd. The practice nurse at the respiratory clinic, who led me to believe this, has discharged me back to asthma clinic. I am very confused, doctor told me to speak to a different nurse at asthma clinic. Will update you once I have seen her. I had a Nissan fundoplication operation about10 years ago and was warned about lung damage then. x

I came across information on the internet... my uncle died a couple of years ago never smoked of COPD. There talking about acid reflux causing lots of problems Plus people talking about once they got there acid reflux under control there asthma calm down... All the problems with lung infection have been in my tubes and that is were the gases go from reflux.. Look into it google it and you'll be surprised by what you find. I have started on new medication and havn't had any mucus in the morning no emergency puffer in three weeks first time in six years....

Ive read that about 10% of asthma diagnoses are actually caused by acid reflux so although the symptoms can be similar, an asthma diagnosis is wrong.

I was told I had asthma but the test came out COPD and the nurse that worked for the asthma clinic said I didn't have it.. But all the ER DR's kept telling me to quite smoking witch I don't smoke never allowed it in the house... I felt they were making a mistake so I finely got a CT scan and I"m pre emphyesema plus they found groundglass and some lumps and tons of scarring from the lung infections... So I had ER giving me a new puffer and the Nurse I had for a Dr and the asthma clinic taking it away.... I was wright and they were wrong I was in ER to much getting in shit I knew it didn't seem wright. Got a New DR got the CT scan and they found tons wrong...It makes me mad that we get bounced around in June I find out if I have cancer and I was with a nurse who thought they were as good as a DR wouldn't send me for a CT Scan I would get in shit for not taking care of my asthma all along my lungs were in bad shape....Its rough every one bouncing a person around ...


Hi clamdigger

I take Omeprazole too it seems stomach acid is quite dangerous for lung sufferers I didn't realise how much probably a lot more than we realise ! I try to control my diet I've noticed a change in how much acid is produced with this and can't eat too late

Hello Clamdigger

I have suffered from acid reflux , Crohns Colitis, Gerd and hiatus hernia for many years, not related to lung condition which is recent but I understand it can impact on it, I take Esomeprazole.

Hi I have acid reflux and bronchiectasis. It often wakes me and I have the acid in my lungs. My respiratory nurse prescribed medication that stopped it happening so often

Huge literature on role of reflux in lung disease. Can send you some links if you like. Far too many GPs seem completely ignorant of this or very sceptical.

Strong association with most lung diseases (Asthma, COPD, ILD). Now listed as one of main possible causes (associations) of Pulmonary Fibrosis (PF) though no proof it causes it (indeed, probably impossible to prove it). In case of PF majority of patients seem to take GERD (i.e.reflux) meds and many had no idea they had reflux (silent reflux). For many PF patients reflux is not effectively treated with standard doses of PPI and many have to take double dose of PPI (and be very careful when they take it) as well as night time H2 blockers (plus Gaviscon plus diet and lifestyle changes).

My uncle never smoked and past away from COPD it makes me wonder about if he had reflux... Since I started the meds no coughing no emergency puffer no mucus in the morning.. The Dr's don't seem to have the time to look into this... What is H2 blockers

Many folk can have reflux and never know. I had silent or undiagnosed GERD/reflux since at least 2007. I only ever had symptoms on exertion and they were ignored. Was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis in 2014/2015. At the time I had a terrible cough and that has pretty much dissapeared since I went onto high dose PPI and ranitdine at night etc etc.

Ranitidine is an H2 blocker and there is some evidence that it can help with night time reflux. Night time reflux is partly resistant to PPI drugs (omeprazole or any of the "zoles") but can be blocked by ranitidine. It is probably overkill but I have found it has helped and it seems to make sense to control acid at night when you lie down and acid has much easier path to your lungs.

Hi Salmo,I used to take RANITIDINE It was not giving me any relief What so ever so the doctor put me on So the doctor put omeprazole,Talking to different people Al bodies are all different ,What works for one may not work for others Well i'm glad that you found some kind of relief

The point I was making was that for some folk it may be necessary to take ranitidine at night to control night time reflux as well as taking a PPI like omeprazole or one of the other prazoles during the day (often both morning and afternoon). The PPI drugs likes omprazole are probably better at controling acid reflux than ranitidine during the day (as you have found) but some people can also have reflux during the night that is not controlled by omprazole but can be treated by taking ranitidine at bed time.

Thanks for the Information Always good to know

H2 blockers ,That's the medication that helps with the acid reflux

Yes I do. I take a PPI which fixed the problem but recently I have waking up at night with indigestion. So far a Rennie has managed it, but I'll talk to my consultant next month.

Just replying above and saw your comment - there is a thing called night time reflux that PPI are not very effective at treating (especially if taken in morning). Ranitidine (H2 blocker) might help - certainly did for me. Also take Gavison with alginate before bed (no drinks afterwards!). Alginate supposed to line tubes and reduce burning. Also have to sleep with bed raised - nothing after 7pm etc

Thanks, I'll remember that. It's not a very significant problem at the moment, if it gets worse I'll do something about it.

Hi.....I have had Acid reflux for best part of 20 years ....and Copd for 7years ....For a long time I kept saying that the reflux would cause problems with my lungs ..My Gp 's all poo pood the idea , it was all in my imagination. Even when after I had a really bad reflux I would be coughing for several days.

A couple of years ago I had to see an ENT consultant with an acid reflux related problem and he agreed with me. In fact he says now medical thinking is along the lines that the reflux is at the bottom of a lot of health and breathing issues and research has commenced.

Jo. ☺

They need the Dr's educated in this they should know to tell people that have the reflux problems about what the out come can be if they don't get it under control..

I have a hiatus hernia and have suffered with reflux for years. Last year I was diagnosed with asthma, COPD and bronchiectasis. The consultant thinks the reflux is responsible and suggested to my GP I have the hernia repaired. He doesn't want to go down that route as it's a big operation. I have been on lansoprazole for years but am now on metochlopramide as well. It seems this new drug is usually prescribed for people after chemo as it stops the sickness and helps food move more quickly through the gut. I must say that I've had no reflux since taking it. Seems to work for me!

The consultant talked about silent reflux ie you don't know it's happening while you are asleep. We tried wedges in the bed but recently I took them out again as I seemed to get a lot of cramp in one hip and I felt it was the position I was sleeping in. I seem to be ok sleeping flat again now.

Have you tried blocks under the head of the bed.......I now use two house bricks covered in pretty wrap each side ......It sort of helps.

Except hubby complained about sliding down to the to the end of the bed..

He has got used to sleeping on the slight slant but it took him a time.

Jo 😀

Thanks for the helpful suggestion. Unfortunately, we have considered this and don't think it possible as we have a bed that splits along the middle and has two drawers each side. We can see it giving in the middle unless we can find a way to prop it up. That's why we went for the wedges.

Your suggestion may help someone with a bedstead, though.

Our bed is the same as yours ,. Split across the middle and two draws each side. My husband made a tapering wedge which fitted under the split so the base does not sag......Works well enough.

Jo. ☺

I will tell my husband how you achieved it! How long did your husband make the wedge? I could only imagine something the full length of the bed when we were talking about it, but it sounds as though you have used something smaller.

Husband says try a. house brick in the middle where the split is .The brick is half the height of the bed head lift.

He placed ours with the brick going across the split.

Jim says if you do it that way there is almost no brick showing on the side.


Thank you, Jo. That is really helpful. Our son has a few spare bricks so we may need to speak nicely to him! It's got to be worth a try.

xx Moy

We had similar problem with our bed. We put an extra pillow under the mattress and that helped a bit.

Have you notice less mucus and coughing since you took the new meds

I have been much better generally and didn't have an infection between November and early April. Unfortunately, I am now on a second course of antibiotics and steroids as I got an infection that hasn't completely shifted.


I cut my wedge in half because it gave me cramp in my ribs and hip, took the electric carving knife to it, it sorted the problem nicely and doesn't disturb my OH, we tried blocks but he also slid down the bed!

I would never have thought of doing that! You sound like a demon with the carving knife! Lol!

Well I saw someone do it on tube, the cover doesn't fit very well now but I sewed it on so it's not baggy.

I also got an offcuts of memory foam mattress topper and stuck it onto the cut surface, made it nice n soft, but didn't make it deep.

Does the business for me anyway xx

Ingenious! It's amazing what you can find on you tube!! Well done for thinking of even looking - it wouldn't even occur to me!

I've been on Lansroprazole for 13 years. I tried to cut my dose in half to 15 mg and within a day, the awful pain that goes right through me to my back, started again. So, I'm back on 30mg.

I never really had indigestion, just the pain.

My son started coughing so hard, he was seeing stars, I was worried sick. It got so bad that he coughed day and night. He was already on medication for heartburn.

He was diagnosed with Asthma. Eventually, after loads of tests, they found out it was acid reflux and not Asthma. Bread is his major trigger. xx

I was talking to a women tonight and she has acid reflux and her bothers both ended up with asthma they both have acid reflux . It seems like you can end up with real lung problems from Gerd...Have you ever tried Medical weed for pain I use it for pain it really helps....

Yes, a lot of people use it for pain, either baked in cakes or cannabutter. A lot less harmful that prescription painkillers.

They are bringing out a Medipen on the NHS that is derived from Cannabis without the high. I will definitely be asking my GP for it when it's officially launched. xx

I have suffered acid reflux and asthma for 30+ years I went through all the usual meds. 8 years ago I had a Laprascopic Nissan Fundoplication (LNF) this wrapped the top of my stomach around the bottom of my esophagus which uses the stomach muscles to help keep the esophagus closed and stops the acid going back up. This helped a lot as the acid was burning my vocal chords and I was always losing my voice or having a croaky voice. I have to watch what I am eating and drinking as gas can make me feel bloated and I cannot burp as much so it all has to go downwards. I am on reduced meds (esomeprazole & Ranitadine) but I have not suffered any problems since.

I still have severe asthma, they initially thought the acid was due to the medications, but having spells off the meds proved this was not the case.

Hi Clamdigger,At one point I was suffering from Reflux also,I was Prescribed Omeprazole taken for years twice daily until it started affecting my bones and then I was Diagnosed with Osteo porosis ,between the inhalers that has steroids in it and the reflux meds,history of smoking for40 years I now have OSTEOPOROISIS.Right about now the acid reflux Seldom bothers me unlessI eat and lay down.The doctor told me to Get rid of the reflux I to lose weight in my stomach area and I lost about 7lbs and with sit ups the reflux doesn't bother me(I'm so greatful Because that cough was so bother some Specially at night time .Perhaps you can try to take off some pounds Around the stomach area ,it really works...Feel free to get back to me any time stay healthy ,And god bless

Hi I am an asthmatic I also suffer from acid reflux

When I get it is usually due to anxiety and my symptoms were the inability to eat because I felt sick every time I ate and it was usually when I have something stressful going on

but now I'm on ranitidine for it I don't seem to have problem

Hi everyone,

I feel a bit of a fraud being on here. I do not have any severe problems. My brother, however, did have COPD. His partner also has it too! Anyway I came on here as I had a cough which lasted 3 weeks. Then one night, I woke up struggling to breathe and thought that was it. Very dramatic I know. I'm not normally like that! Anyway what had happened was I had a plug of sticky mucous stuck in my throat which blocked my airway. I was terrified. It happened again one night and a few times in the day which were easier to deal with. I have since done some research and think I had/have silent reflux. I went to the doctors twice and so far had antibiotics for the cough which has gone and was also prescribed omeprazole for acid (I had no symptoms of acid reflux). I had a terribly sore throat and was hoarse. This was obviously due to the acid burning my throat. This has improved no end, but I still have mucous in my throat which I struggle to get up. When I have, it is very sticky. It coats your vocal chords (its the body's way of protection apparently). I also have moments when my voice wavers and goes a bit croaky so not sure how long this will last. Anyway 5 weeks later I have not had the courage to lay flat in bed but sit propped up with pillows and try and sleep that way. I still have a tiny bit of a dry cough now and think this is either the mucous or maybe acid, I really don't know. It is very interesting to listen to everyones personal stories of acid reflux and it does seem to be related to coughs. I do wonder if my acid was brought on by my severe cough, which by the way made my ribs so sore I had to hold myself to cough and it was excruciatingly painful. I just want to extend my sincere sympathies to everyone on here who is struggling with all these symptoms and many more. You all seem such a wonderful bunch of people. I will let my sister-in-law know about the site and hopefully it may help her too. She doesn't go out much, if at all. I agree with others that it may help to lose some weight if you need to around your tummy area. Maybe adjust your diet, as I have, to cut out tomatoes, alcohol, caffeine, fatty foods, sugar. It is very boring and hard. No wonder I've lost weight!!! I also take a teaspoon of Manuka honey a day and drink loads of water to thin the mucous. Oh and gargling with warm salt water can help sore throats. Well thank you for listening to my little story and I wish you all well. I'm sure I am telling you all stuff you already know, forgive me if so. Much love. xxx

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