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Chronic Lung Inflammation As Seen Under Microscope

Well i took plung and started using Efag to stop smoking.

On my fluid it says VAPEs To Bring You Back From The Dead.

I can't beluve how much better have felt BUT out of breath more.

Well i have been coughing lots and lots mucus sputom GUESS its lungs clearing them self.

Anyway is still discoserting when coughing up chunks of lung inflamation BOTTOM right picture.

Whys lung inflamation look like mass of round blobs.

Also as lung contain air WHY do thay only go black when leave body via coughed up BOTTOM left of picfure.

Top LEFT & RIGHT of picture is farm fresh .. Coughed up lung tissues showing formation of lung scar tissue fibrosis and chronic inflammation.

Why dose lung inflamatiin start of black LIKE i have noticed when lung tissue leases the body and meets air.

Some say its loss of blood surply as go's black so rapid.

So what is it about oxygen inflamation and blood AND why cant lung diesee be reversed engineered

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Well JAS what an amazing step in the right direction! You and l have been on this site for quite some time and l have read your posts with interest, still do.

I can't really answer your questions but hope you succeed in stopping smoking. Good luck to you. Take care xxxxx

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Hi sassy cheers am going to try my best felt so much better fags was defo killing me.

Well done Jas if you need any extra help HU have a quit support site . Take care xx

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Hi Cheers :)

Using the ecigarette is a good step forward and I think you are right about the lungs trying to clear themselves. I wish you luck. :)

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Hi Cheers Mrs Mummy i discoved given my bad breathing or becouse of my lung disease.

I cant do cloud chasing but perseverance think will pay off :)

Leave the cloud-chasing to the kids Jeff - all you need is a substitute for combusted tobacco which is how most sensible people regard e-cigs. I would imagine you have done your research into the different options - mech-mods, tanks juices etc. and found one to suit you. I wish you the best of luck but please get your juices from a reputable source or, better yet, mix your own - at least you are then sure of its purity. I've never had a problem but watch out for the get-rich-quick touts.

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Hi cheers my brothers into mod sean and making own juices.

I use flavor free DID have tank but getting joyteck aio pen.

Guna see how things go

Well done on the stopping smoking, you won't regret it. xx

Great news you've stopped smoking Jas.

I quit cold turkey a few years ago and Infound the HU quit support on here helped.

Good luck Jas - you can do it



👏👏👏 well done for ditching the cigs! Best thing you could do for yourself, hope the ecigs help.

Well done Jeff with quitting, keep up the good work. Sorry can't answer the one about lung disease being reversed. So all we can do is concentrate on keeping our lungs stable. Maybe one day artificial lungs will be more available, plus we can live with quite low lung capacity, or should I say exist. People have lungs removed and still survive. We need to reserarch more into what causes things to go wrong other than cigarettes, as children have lung diseases too which must have a genetic element. Enjoy your day and thanks for link.

Hidden always an interesting read.

So glad you are giving up the ciggies..well done,its different for everyone but it took me 3 or 4 attempts before I got to grips with it. You are so right in that the amount of "c**p" due to the ciggies,that's in our lungs is awful.

Hope Dad is doing well.


Well done on giving up the cigs Jeff, keep it up. I've posted on here before on how my other half gave up using Swedish snus. He used to smoke 60 a day. Since using snus he hasn't had a cold which I strongly suspect is because the one he uses is eucalyptus flavoured.


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