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Actually I'm a very healthy 90 yr old except for my lower back pain. I recently finished decompression sessions at a cost of $5000 which did absolutely nothing for my back. The pain is exactly the same. My first experience with decompression was a different location and his ads are on daily on the radio. It didn't impress me but then a different location popped up and I went for the consultation and was impressed as they gave me two free treatments and slightly cheaper. In spite of the decompression and daily exercises on my part it did nothing for me. I might as well have taken that money and thrown it out the window. I had been looking at stem cell therapy but knew it was much more money and now I'm sorry I didn't look more into it! I take no medications only supplements.

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Hi well done for being so healthy and reaching the great age of 90! This is a lung site though so, do you have any lung problems and if so which one? How can we help you?


No worries. What's your secret for a healthy old age? Would love to know :)

Actually they aren't secrets - unfortunately everyone I talk to about healthy living seems to let it just roll off of their backs - like those still drinking soda or worse diet soda. Sugar is a big no no -anything white is very bad like white flour white sugar white rice - don't drink cows milk only coconut or almond milk definitely no soy. I make smoothies with frozen fruit bananas, kale spinach beets cabbage almost anything is healthy and use the coconut milk and a little coconut water for liquid.

I add powdered protein collagen and powdered veggie & fruit mixes.

Well the main thing I do every morning with a Tblespoon of coconut oil it's mostly solid I swish it around in my mouth for up to 20 min before anything like water or brushing my teeth - gives you healthy gums. Then my morning drink after that is a cup of filtered water warmed in the micro (1min 20 sec) add the collagen turmeric a little cayenne pepper dash of black pepper "ACV" organic apple cider vinegar (with the "mother") stir it up and drink it slowly every morning)

Welcome to health unlocked. may be better for you?

Welcome Jonibur, sounds like you need the pain site not the lung site as this is.That's a good age to reach and still be active and well, I have a few freinds in your age group who still are very active, my mum was until around 94. Enjoy your day and nice to have met you.

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