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Copd trouble breathing out

It started last night weird feelings in my chest couldnt breath out propley a lot of mucas haveing trouble getting it up & its really thick & white any ideas :(

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A trip to your doctor maybe Lenney. Good to get checked over. Xxxx


Both asthma and copd give people trouble breathing out. If you try pursed lip breathing you can get rid a lot more breath. PLB stops the alveoli from collapsing by creating back pressure in your lungs. This tendency is one of the symptoms of copd and the main thing making breathing out so hard. To do PLB, breathe in through your nose (if you can) and then out slowly pursing your lips as if you were blowing out a candle. If you google pursed lip breathing you will get some good demos of this. Or better still ask your GP for a referral to pulmonary rehabilitation where you will get a specialist exercise programme and education about how to manage all aspects of copd, including breathing techniques.

Re the thick white mucus, have a chat with your GP in case you have reflux as that mucus could be that, especially if it is sticky. With reflux the acid can reach your windpipe and even the tops of the lungs and cause asthma-like symptoms - so worth checking that out. Using a steamer may loosen the mucus and do make sure you drink enough water throughout the day.


Thanks for the breathing tip which really helps & already drinking plenty fluids ;)

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It's probably a virus; there is stuff going about...again. Just a cold to a normal person - but invariably goes to our lungs. Bummer.

If you have to wait for Dr appointment in the mean time drink plenty of water to thin the mucous making it easier to get up. Take a couple of pulls on your Ventolin 30 mins before huffing the stuff up usually helps, too.

You could take a ranitidine (OTC antacid) before bed in case its reflux. Read the patient leaflet first.

Dr may prescribe carbocisteine to help thin mucus, and omeprazole if he thinks reflux could play a part.

Good luck.

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Thank you for info doing all the things use have suggested cheers ;)


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