Well that's it in for a penny in for a pound

Not been on in a while think I lose no matter what some werd thing happen my nefu my dad my partner and my mum I think 2 years ago they were all here laughing joking happy I put together the funaral not sure like cards with pics on and dates I noticed that all four had passed away on the 8 th of different monthes is that strange or me over thinking lol so the last few weeks I felt uneasy s 8 th this month cam up I thought my turn but am still here if I didn't mention I have heart failure feel tierd a lot of late my function is less than 10 persent I desided not to have pace maker or defibulater carntsee the point any more Iam.not depressed but Iam fed up am 48 and xxxxxxwhy am I take care ppl see u in few week hopefully

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  • You will be fine,and please don't worry. It's just coincidence that happens. Take care chat soon.😊 xxx Bernadette

  • Life coincidences happen like that, I am sure at times we all read too much into events at times.

  • What an awful two years you have had. But you have pulled through and now must hope for better times ahead. Draw closer to what other family members and friends you have, you all need each other. Very Best wishes to you and keep in touch with your many friends on this forum. Iris x

  • Life is a mystery my father was born April 17th, Easter fell on April 17th and his great,great, great granddaughter was just born on April 17th my mother died on April 16th they were divorced and she told me she wouldn't give him the satisfaction but maybe it was love. No harm in getting a pacemaker my husband had a quintuple bypass and now has diabetes he knows I would be very sad. I think that is the hardest thing is losing those you love so hang in there life is precious

  • How dreadful to lose so many loved ones in such a short time. You've been so strong to get through it all and its totally understandable that you're feeling low. I'm sure 8th of month was just coincidence, so try to take each day as it comes & not worry too much. Am sure bereavement counselling would help (even if you think it won't). Ask your GP for a referral. In the meantime, take care of yourself and let us know how you're getting on xx

  • Huggs to you

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