Getting to a diet that's beneficial to the kidney and lung

You don't know how hard that is! Or you do and I've just wasted a week! In the end I trawled the websites for don't eats and best foods listed them canceled out the donts on the dos and now the only thing left find recipes or just play around what's left.

You see I've concentrated on my ckd and never thought food can effect your lungs.

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  • My advice would be to speak to a Renal Dietitian and keep well hydrated. As in kidney disease your lungs need protein and high quality calories to get the best of out out them. Since changing my diet and starting to exercise I have noticed a vast improvement.

  • Well I totally agree. I have usual interstitial pneumonia and this June 7th is my fourth anniversary of diagnosis. I thought I wasn't going to make it as last November a herbalist gave me some herbs to make into a drink for anxiety. Little did I know but they started to relax all my tension including my lung muscles, they also retained water! Three months of hell later I stopped taking them. Decided to stick to diet and exercise

  • I have some experience in Renal care. Before taking any over the counter or herbal remedies. Check with your pharmacist or GP. Normally these a not a problem but in people with chronic conditions a small change can have large consequences so better safe than sorry.

  • A lesson hard learned by me

  • What is your diet know please?

  • Ok I have a list of foods good for ckd and good for lungs I am making an excel sheet which is not finished yet I will send it to you when it's done if you wish? What is your main interest

  • Lungs! I have bronciectasis and COPD and only 1 lung. On oxygen as sats go low on movement. Thank you

  • I have read that acid reflux or gerd can cause asthma lung problems. I have gone on a diet removed wheat and yeast so far and milk.. This is the first time I"m not coughing up phlegm in the morning the past ten days.. I have started on some meds for gerd and a pill for thinning mucus... Has your diet worked for you ..

  • What is your diet know please

  • Hello Joke , Apple's are good for lungs...Turmeric and Black pepper helps boost your immune system.

    Some good tips here..😊

    Stay as well as possible, huff xx

  • Thanks for that one. Just read it am going back to check out the 13 dietary tips

  • I have given up wheat and yeast because i found my acid reflux is worse when I do eat wheat.. Every morning I would get up and cough now I don't havn't take my blue puffer in over a week.. I feel that gerd has something to do with my lungs .. Plus asthma and gerd go hand in hand... I think mine came from my acid reflux ... Been wheat free two weeks the differents is unreal with my breathing ....

  • Really? Now there is a thought will give it a go.

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