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Haven't taken inhaler since last night

After coming off Sprivia last week coz of urine retention and feeling fine, I fancied going without fostair as well (I switched last week from seretide) and have been breathing better today than I have since my flare in January. Did a 50minute 25k cycle without any problems. Honestly breathing feels great and have found it much easier to clear phlegm today as well.

The other strange thing I've noticed today was during exercise whenever I consciously do diaphragm breaching my oxygen sats dropped slightly from 97 to 96/95 but as soon as I startts breathing normally through my mouth again they went back up.

All a bit strange

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The fostair might be the reason you feel good -I'd say never go off it in that case-it's a preventer forever . Is it better than seretide -I'm on seretide.


Wouldn't worry about drop from 97 to 96 or 95.


I sometimes wonder if all these meds give horrid side affects ,I seemed to be doing better when not on so many just had the breathing issues. I now seem to have so many side affects from the meds I do wonder at times is it worth it lol but unlike you I am not brave enough to go without x


Hi your sats are really good. The range doctors look for someone with COPD Is between 92/88 so your are good even after excersise. I wouldn't stop taking my inhalers just because I feel better. As they are preventers. Take care. Xx


Fostair is a combo of long acting (12hour) bronchodilator & steroid 'preventer': The steroid element takes time to build up to be most effective, which means it may take a little time before you'll feel the effect of missing it. Having said that, maybe neither is suitable for you.

Have you tried any of the 'traditional' steroid preventer inhalers like Clenil Modulite? You may find a low-ish dose has positive effects. Worth a discussion with your respiratory nurse/gp IMO.


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