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Chest X-ray

Hi everyone, I hope today is a good day for you.

I've been a member here for about four years as I was caring for my mum who had copd. I gave up smoking when she died, but I've been getting more breathless and wheezy recently. I had a spirometery which shows I'm not asthmatic but I do have "some obstruction ". The nurse thought it may be weight related but is sending me for a chest X-ray. My question is can see emphysema on a chest X-ray?

I smoked for about 35 years

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Hi Poppin, to be sure of emphysema a CT scan is normally required. In advanced emphysema an X-ray would pick it up but not so much so at the very early stages.

I hope you get all the help you need and do please let us know.

Thinking of you. Xxxx


Thanks sassy,

I will go and get it done on Tuesday so will go back to the GP next week. I'm hoping it's just because I'm overweight but I'm back at slimming world now so I can improve things. Xxx


Wishing you the very best Poppin. Take care xxxxxx

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There is another site on here for weight loss which might help as well.


Good luck poppin


I believe the chest x-ray will rule out infection or pneumonia and also will show if your lungs are hyperinflated which is consistent with COPD but not a diagnosis of COPD.


Thank you for all your replies, much appreciated. I will let you know eeekkk


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