Like a bad penny

Like a bad penny

Hi everyone, its ages since I was on this site. We moved to a bungalow and there was so much work to do ( most by John ) my health has been rubbish and I have just discovered that my right lung is scarred and the reason for my increased breathlessness no treatment offered I think because my oxygen is high. I have been told I should have the pneumonia jab but I am reluctant because of side effect, I have so many health problems I don't want to ask for more even if temporary. Advice on this would be appreciated.

I loved seeing George again my cat would eat him he is enormous weighing in at 20 lbs he is part Spanish mountain cat possibly full but was domesticated as a kitten. He is very gentle but does bite, it's a love bite and never hurts unless you pull your hand away. He likes dogs and my daughters dog used to try and pick him up in his mouth but he was too heavy but the dog kept trying and the cat just stood and let him. They were great friends and he preferred him to my other cat who is only tolerated. The dog was half Spanish mountain dog so perhaps they had something in common.

I hope everyone has a good day. Rosabeth.

Phot of Cooper

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Hi welcome back, love the photo of your cat. I had the jab and so very glad I did, I got pneumonia at the beginning of the year but wasn't to bad with it. I would have it but it's up to you and what you feel comfortable with. Have a very happy Easter 🐰, take care 😊 xxx Bernadette

Hi welcome back. I had the pneumonia jag twice and still managed to get pneumonia last November. But with having the jag I wasn't as bad as I would have been if I had not of had the jag. As for the side effects all medication comes with side effects doesn't mean you will get them. I. Also suffer from 2 autoimmune disorders. But it is up to you what you do. But I would take anything that was offered. Xx

I am the one who always gets the side effects which is why I am so cautious. For me the side effects can be worse than the disease so I am always very wary of any untried mess but they are only untried until I actually try. It is a pretty difficult decision. Thank you. Have a good day . Roosabeth

Hello, and welcome back. Your cat is a beauty!

My advice would be, have the pneumonia vaccine. It won't prevent you from getting it, but it would make it less severe if you do. If you don't already do exercises for your lungs, I'd give them a go....they do help with the breathlessness. You'll find some good ones on Utube if you just search for lung exercises.

Hope you have a lovely Easter. πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸŒΊπŸŒΊπŸŒΊ

I will look up the exercise it sounds like a plan many thanks Take care Rosabeth

Welcome back. :)

Having spent Christmas and new year in hospital with pneumonia. I would advise you to get the jab. There are perhaps some mild side effects but the advantages far exceed the risks. I had mine last week with few problems.

I am leaning towards having it which is why I asked for your opinions but the last 18 months have been pretty rough and I try to keep cheerful and not moan ( too much ) but there are times when I think one more thing will be the last straw. I am glad it worked for you and will discuss it with my doctor the next time I see him. When he suggested it he did not push so I think further chat will help. Keep well. Rosabeth

I had the jab several years ago and never had a problem. I always believe in taking anything that will help prevent a serious infection to the lungs, after all they are already damaged.

Hi rosaBeth just letting you know I have seen a photo of cooper on your profile I was looking through people near me he is a big boy love Margaret xx

Just to bring you all up to date with Cooper and Sophie. They have got an ear infection trip to vet would be over 100 pounds so I have bought what they always give them just over ten pounds now the problem is just the same as going to the vets because I still have to put it in their ears for seven days, now it becomes clear just how much wild cat is still in them. John wraps them in a blanket and I administer the drops well in theory anyway. When we have finished I mop the blood from John and administer antiseptic then John washes the floor and we both wash the stuff of ourselves and I collapse on to the sette to get enough breath back to go to bed. Five more nights to go that's if we survive it. Why don't the daft things listen when I tell them it's for their own good. You would never believe the fight they put up. And the worst is if it doesn't work we still have to go to the vet for antibiotics. No problem in Spain you can just buy them over the counter at the pharmacist. I am off to sleep now ready for tomorrow's onslaught I shall spend the day worrying about it. The photo doesn't really show Coopers size I will try and post another soon. Sleep well everyone Rosabeth

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