Hi everyone I've had one appointment with the pulmnory Physio and was told I had forgotten how to breath properly so was given breathing exercise to do and was told my breathlessness would be gone in 3 weeks. That was in February I've got another appointment on 2nd of may and was wondering if anyone could give me advice on what to say or questions to ask I feel like not going but really looking for help as I've just got over pneumonia and I'm coughing all the time hurting my ribs and throat. I also have appointment on 4rth may for second opinion for a diagnosis and I'm so nervous. ThAnks in advance and best wishes to you all xx

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  • Hi Shazrab, clearly the pulmonary physio was wrong as you have had pneumonia and are understandably very concerned.

    Tell the physiotherapist exactly what has happened to you and how you are feeling. On your 4th May appointment again explain everything, have things written down and say how you need to have a firm diagnosis. It would be good to take someone with you if possible. I always go to appointments with Pete as l think of things to say and questions to ask. Good luck to you and hope things go well. Xxxxxxx

  • Firstly from experience pneumonia can take a long while to recover from. I disagree with the physio it can take far longer than 3 weeks for the inflammation etc to calm down and breathing to feel more normal. Have you had a CT scan? I would be asking questions like what did show? Are you going to do a follow up scan? Sassy59 gave you good advice I always make a list of questions to ask. Have you been given a diagnosis other than pneumonia?

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