My 2.5 mile walk.(2)

My 2.5 mile walk.(2)

Another 300 yards over the brow of that first hill, this is the daunting sight that greets me. I have to walk to the top of the next hill that is way in the distance, it is almost as much work going down first. When I get to the top I veer off to the right for another mile, that is relatively flat, to my "watering hole" for a well deserved pint and something to eat before facing up to the return journey. Going home it is an easier downhill twice and one up.

This journey is no mean feat on it's own, I do this after being on my feet all day at work too. Of course this is not a daily occurence, only when the weather conditions are suitable, which is when my home gym comes into play.

Tommorrow it is Southampton's half marathon run. I won't be doing that, but I will be trying that 5 mile walk (on the flat).

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  • Wow! That's some walk! Xxxx

  • Well done, hope you succeed. I admire your positive attitude have a great weekend. Happy Easter.😊 xx

  • Best of luck with the five miles, That was my target to make by June but I did it the other weekend! So new target is ten miles. I will be cheering you on tomorrow. I won't be there in body but in spirit. I am sure that all members of the group have there fingers crossed.

  • I am delaying that walk until Mon. I am planning on doing it a the Royal Victoria Country Park but I am not liking the wind forecast for tomorrow, a chance it might be downwind from Fawley Refinery, but Mon. looks okay, we're looking at a cleaner Northerly.

    I don't consider that to be cheating, loading the dice in my favour ;)

  • Nothing wrong with that, always plan for down slopes when I jog. The important thing is the exercise overall. After all the hills you have done you deserve any break you can get.

  • I'm 5 mins walk from fawley and rarely get anything x

  • If you ever want picking up from the watering hole 2greys give us a holler swing by on the bike lol xx your doing great

  • Wow

  • Wow

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