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Hi got admitted about 9pm last night ambulance service was busy said they would send taxi. We came in our car .I am waiting to be transferred to respiratory ward on my way for ct scan and have had xray been told I have fibrosis devastated I am like a pin cushion trouble getting drip in I got use of mobile internet but not sure how much will update when can thanks for all kind messages

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Thanks for letting us know stay strong thinking of you hope your home soon your in the best place right now x

Thank you Donna x

It's been a long time coming but you are in the right place now. And you re being looked after properly. Take care thinking of you. Xx

Thank you it as knocked me for 6. To be told fibrosis just waiting for ct scan xx

Any new diagnosis would be devastating. But with the right treatment you will beable cope. Take care xxx

It's difficult thanks xx

Sometimes it's better to know - fear of the unknown is always worse.

Best wishes

Not to sure to much coward

Thanks. I hadCT and MRI scan in Spain trouble is English docs couldn't unstandardised Spanish report but I still have the CD. Disc G E but our computers cannot read it oh well soldier on

You take care thinking of you


Thank you Dorothy xx

Sending you my best wishes

Thank you xx

Good you finally got into hospital and I hope once you get on the respiratory ward and your scan is out of the way, you will know exactly what you are dealing with.

Thinking of you.

love cx

I have been reading up on fibrosis scared the hell out of me xx

It must have done hun.

Sending lots of healing hugs.

love cx

You take care T2d and good luck to you. Xxxx

Thanks still waiting for scan xxx

Hello Time_2_drink . I am sorry you are in hospital. And the news of fibrosis, I can only imagine how you must be feeling. Sending gentle hugs and love. Please let us know how things are going. Thinking of you.

Cas xx 🌹🌿🌹

Will do thanks for hugs devastated xx

So sorry to hear this. You have at least got a correct diagnosis at last and will be put on the best meds to help you. Take care.

Thanks finding it difficult xx

I bet you are. Take care. xxxxx

Thank goodness you are being investigated properly now t2d. All those days suffering at home, feeling terrible, not knowing what to do. At least now you are being given some answers to the many questions that were probably plaguing your mind. I do hope they get you onto a good regime of meds that can stabilise you, and make you comfortable. Especially for pain and sleep.

We're all behind you, willing you on. Take it one day at a time xx

Hope can get some relief and coping stratergies xx

Hang on in there T2D. Sending kind thoughts and best wishes. x

Thank you toci xx

I hope things improve quickly for you. I brought into the hospital internet when I had my two week stay. As I already paid for Netflix etc it allowed me to catch up on all the TV series that I wanted to watch but never had the time.

I need something to stop mind whirling wish it would stop

ask nurse for something MmeT

You are in the right place even though you are being poked and prodded. Sorry about the extra dx, too much on top of everything else.

But you are a very strong person. And you will get through.

K x

I feel like a wimp at moment just want to curl up in a ball xx

You are actually a human being with all the feelings and anxieties that that implies. Not an automaton. Don't beat yourself up about being a wimp, you're not. We have seen what you have been through, and know that you are entitled to feeling on the ropes at the moment. Hang in there.

Love and the gentlest of hugs

Kate xx

You`re no wimp T_2_d. You`ve had one hell of a time lately. Now at last they`ll be able to sort you out with the right medication etc. We`re all thinking of you. Sending lots of love, Sheila xx

Hang in there

Thank you

Sending best wishes. XXX

Thanks pam xxx

You'll be well cared for now, just stay away from Mr Google.

You know me so well even though never met

bless you take care xx

Thank you xx

Sending you lots of love.xx

Time_2_drink , I was thinking how I could possibly try and cheer you up or at least make to smile maybe ?....So then I thought what made me giggle earlier on? Between you and I(don't tell anyone else), I struggled to put on a pair of jeggings, in fact tried so hard to get all of my big,fat tummy in!! I've gone from 6stone to 8 1/2stone! Obviously not overnight,in the past year and its all gone on around my middle. I'm a lady of a certain age,so let's just say I'm going to have to work VERY hard to not get any bigger. I'm quite a slender thing(or so I thought) and I cannot believe I've only today really noticed "it"!! You see I'm elaborating all this to try and make you smile. The fact still remains.......why did nobody tell me!!!

Made me giggle. I wouldn't go near jeggings. I am not called Bigranny for nothing.

K x

If you have any weight to spare please donate lolxxx

Hello Time_2_drink, I've been watching your struggle sweetheart, although I haven't replied until now, I have been cheering you on.

I can relate to how devastated you are feeling about your new dx, although my lung condition is slightly different, it is still quite recent and on top of other medical conditions.

A little while ago I came across the link below, it explains PF in language that is easy for us ordinary folk to understand, and I found it reassuring when it seemed like this might be my dx, have look petal, it might help you as well.

You know you aren't alone and that we are all rooting for you, don't beat yourself up or feel daft, it's scary and we've all felt like that, but try to take comfort in that you at least will have a proper treatment plan and if you ask the right questions, some definite answers - write your questions down as you think of them and never, ever think that your questions are silly, after all this is YOUR health , not just a another caseload.

Sending you hugs, breaths (if I could and had any to spare!) And support


Thanks Wendy I will look it up and thanks for support and hugs xxx

Squirrelsholt you've been watching in my mirror haven't you!!

Wishing you strength to deal. As others have said, you are in the best place for now

Thank you hope so x

Hope you start to feel a little better soon. It's great reading all the supportive replies from everyone. Reminds me of just how nice people can be. Take care x

Thank you it is good to have and also to offer support x

so so sorry dear -MmeT

Hi hope u get a bit better soon stay strong thinking of u xxx

Thinking of you xx

Good luck to you ....thinking about you..πŸ’πŸ€—

Good Luck hope your stay will be short and that you are soon feeling better, you are in the right place for now, Relax and let them look after you.


Hope your back home soon let us know how your making out

Best Wishes Friend GIA


I am new to the group. But Hope and pray all gies well for you.

Keep us updated as much as you can


hope your feeling better soon stay strong and think love and happy thoughts i know its not much help to u at the minute but thinking of you xox loretta

So sorry to hear how unwell you are try and stay strong I know it's easier said than done take care in my thoughts x

Bummer T2D! Stay strong, we're all here for you.


Thanks for this just hang in there you are in the best place get home soon

Sorry to hear you are in hospital, hope they are taking good care of you TimeTD sending love and hugs and positive thoughts , huff xx

You'll get all the treatment you need as an inpatient xx take care ...ill pray for your swift recovery x

Prayers and positive thoughts coming your way. I hope you feel better.

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