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Morning everyone

This is my first post here. I have just been for a COPD review and after being stage 2 for some years, have changed to stage 3/severe in the space of just four months. My obvious worry is that if I don't do something drastic to get my symptoms under control I 'might' do the same again and move to stage 4 just as quickly.

To avoid this, as well as starting a PR course I am changing to a Mediterranean diet, doing more exercise to get fit and seriously thinking about moving.

I live with my family in Runcorn near Liverpool, so want to move South and have been talking to my wife about moving abroad to a warmer country, maybe France, Italy or somewhere like that but would really appreciate any advice you can give me on the best areas to live with COPD

Thank you all. Hope you all have a nice weekend.


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22 Replies

  • Def not here in west sussex I am finding the care alwful for copd x

  • Hi Shadow4me. Couldn't agree more! I used to live in West Sussex, but moved up here to be closer to family x

  • Hello Brisara .

    Welcome to the forum. It is lovely to have you. Changing your diet and daily exercise will without a doubt help you stay well for a very long time. I think it's marvellous that you are taking an active, positive approach to this.

    As for where to live, I cannot help you. I wish you and your family well wherever you decide to move to. Please do keep us updated.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Cas xx 🌿🌻🌿

  • I would recommend Scotland. That were I live and I get very good care. My medical team would be look into why you have deteriated so quickly.

  • My friends have moved from Scotland to the Canary Isles and have been there for over 6 months now. They have COPD and spinal injuries between them. They are very happy with their move. The thing is you mentioned family. So I guess you want to stay in the UK.

    Scotland has some great benefits but I know several long time members of this community who live in different parts of Scotland and have daily fights to get the most basic of help. One who has 3 admissions to hospital THIS year with pneumonia and cannot get care.

    My care in Lincs is very good. However getting a doc or dentist is hard. Plus they are constantly trying to close our hospitals.

    I guess everywhere in the UK is much the same.

    I wish you luck in your choice.


  • Excellent reply, thank you Rib. Yes my family is here in the U.K, but I am thinking that a move to somewhere a little warmer with my wife and two young daughters might be beneficial and help keep my symptoms under control. The rest of my family are spread across the uk so if anything it might be easier and quicker flying from abroad than driving across Britain! Keep well.

  • Scotland is a beautiful country, my grown up son lives there with his wife and daughter. I love visiting and seeing the incredible scenery, bit too cold for me though! Keep well.

  • I have lived in Scotland since moving from England when I was 10 year old due to my dads job. The waether is the same as any ware in the uk. I can't complain about my care from the NHS since being dx with COPD in 2006 and recently with two autoimmune disorders. And in Scotland you don't pay for prescriptions witch is a good thing considering the amount of medication I have to take.

  • Malvern in Worcestershire. Great scenery, clean air and excellent copd support. I'm at stage 4 but hey still alive. Where ever you move go for fresh air and good medical support. Moving to Europe could be costly unless you have private medical care.

  • Glad to hear you are doing well Mike, and thanks to you and the others for your replies. Regarding medical care costs, I've been told France is the best option so think I need to find out more about it.

  • I may be wrong but emergency medical care is supposed to be very good but on going support patchy depending if you have paid in. Social care supposedly not good. But good luck in your adventures yet unknown

  • Thanks for the info Mike. It's early stages yet in the planning but this is all food for thought.

  • Welcome to the forum Brisara. I think you'll get lots of support here and a few laughs too. It's worrying when your symptoms take a downward plunge but just as well to know so you can start doing something about it. I have Bronchiectasis and asthma but to be honest, I don't think they are that much different to COPD. I also get chest infections and breathing difficulties and my lung function is in the severe category. So, six of one half dozen of the other :) Keep us posted on your plans to relocate.

  • Welcome to the forum I live in Hampshire which is very warm and gp care is good also. I was diagnosed 3months ago .started on inhalers within the same day referred for pr had my assessment within 2 weeks and start may 9th ...if I call my practise nurse for anything she calls me back ..i have up smoking same day took up tai chi ...i walk between 8 and 10 kms daily hills and flats ...iv had one really down day since this started and I had a long chat on the phone with my gp...hope that helps I live in the new forest area by the way x

  • Thanks Angie. Good to hear that you are getting good care from your local NHS. Been to the New Forest many times, it's a beautiful area x

  • The Canary Islands have very high rates of asthma and lung problems due to La Calima, a wind from the Sahara laden with sand particles which blankets the place in thick, gritty clouds often in January/February.

    Also suggest you read MichelleT51's posts. She lives in Spain and is now having problems visiting family here. I have also considered moving but the truth is that no matter where you go, you'll be taking your COPD with you and, unless you are already fluent, struggling to explain your symptoms etc in a foreign language will be challenging.

  • Thank you teenieleek for a very informative reply. I'd already discounted southern Spain because of airborne sand particles but will look at Michelle's posts as per your suggestion. It a helps! As you rightly say, I have to take my COPD with me so have a lot of things to consider. Certainly not going to rush into anything. Have a nice weekend x

  • I was living in Aylesbury Buckinghamshire when I was diagnosed and although the care was great as I was being seen in Chelsea and Westminster hospital, I couldn't stand the pollution, coughed all day long. I moved my family to the Isle of Wight after much research about the air change down here. As it happens back in the day the island had a leading facility in Ventnor for chest issues. Apparently the sea air hear is amazing. Well I have been here 2 years and its been amazing. Completely reversed my symptoms with the location, diet and the vapor of a certain currently banned plant. My last hospital visit (usually every 3 months) I was told after my lung function that I no longer require hospital treatment and to now only be seen at my local GP? So it can be done.

  • Thanks for the advice Steve, glad to hear you are doing so well. I like the Isle of Wight, nice place to visit. Keep well.

  • Hi Brisara sorry about the speed with which u have been diagnosed why has this happened and if anything what's caused it. One of the things I know if you have anything like COPD a dry heat is the best for you it seems to be good for joint problems arthritis etc. Actually my anticoagulant Doc retired early at Christmas he has chest problems and he has moved to northern Spain so I would say that's your best bet. And you are definitely right about hoping a plane to see relatives, we have to use the M6 to go anywhere It's the longest largest car park in the midlands always tailbacks for miles never had a clear run anywhere yet. I wish you and your family well and good luck when you decide to move, just check out the health care before you go now we are coming out of the EU they may not honour a lot of what was offered before the vote.

    Stay well Shannie 04

  • Hi Shannie, thanks for your reply. I had my last lot of tests in November, and was stage 2, moderate. We moved from Sussex up to Cheshire 8 weeks ago to be closer to family. I've had two bad chest infections since Christmas, and have been feeling generally unwell, tight chested, lots of coughing etc since, and despite using my rescue pack I decided to go to my gp to be checked about ten days ago. They decided to do my tests again and they moved me into stage 3 with a lung age of 116 etc etc. The GP was quite worried about how quickly I had moved groups, and said that it was more than likely because of the dust, extra work and stress of moving, the two chest infections, and the fact that I am now in a highly industrial area. Stupidly, I never considered the higher pollution when moving up here, none of the family gave it much thought, we were too excited about being g closer together! My wife and I both found new jobs, (even that is looking unlikely at the moment) my daughters love the school they are in, and life should have been rosy but now all I keep thinking is that if I changed from stage 2 to 3 in just four months, I really need to start taking my health a lot more seriously, and do anything I can to stay fit and healthy X

  • I just asked my son if he would consider Costa Rica he didn't think he could do that. He wanted to move to Colorado Springs but I told him I could not because of the elevation. I think the most important thing to consider is pollution, elevation probably humidity. I live in Portland, Oregon right now but it is getting so crowded and expensive. I have severe COPD or at least I did but for some reason have been improving to the point I know longer need oxygen. I know I still have it and can only contribute it to putting in God's hands. Hope you find a place. You look pretty young.

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