Sorry I haven't been checking the site for so long but infection got worse and GP advised over the phone to ring an ambulance,the paramedics were great,listened to my chest and could hear the severe crackling,but when I got to a and e it was so jammed,I was sent for X-ray and given blood tests and doctor did not listen to my chest or me,he said no sign of pseudynomis and you've got Bronchiactacsis learn to live with it,he didn't give me a chance to say I've been fighting coliforms infection,and as he turned to leave said oh by the way you are anaemic,which set off a whole other chain reaction,firstly two days after a and e I came down with flu,I'd left yet another sample into the labs the day after a and e and then got a call from my GP to say I still had the infection and that I would have to be referred to gastro about the anaemia,it has just been an awful six months,I have just had a colonoscopy and gastroscopy this week and thank goodness no cancer was found. I've had chronic bowel disease for thirty years so I'm used to these sort of tests,but usually it's just to check on the colitis and stomach ulcers,so now I will be adding huge doses of iron and folic acid to the ever growing repeat scripts.

Still haven't got my liquid oxygen sorted out,my appointment finally arrived but clashed with the emergency gastroenterology appointment,I just have to be happy there isn't any cancer,hope someone will sort out the chest infection and find an antibiotic that will work for me,and I hope that the iron will give me a little energy so badly missed that I can tackle everything that's going on with some fervour,for now I'm tired of feeling tired and miss being able to find the humour that for the past thirty years I'd somehow always managed,for now I just want to have a good sleep for about a week. This is the first time in the thirty years that I've been ill that my iron levels dropped and they dropped dramatically hence the very quick appointment to gastro,who were fantastic,anyone else with long term infection had the same problem?

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  • Dr. Thought he was Too busy to be tactful?

  • Nothing surprises me anymore,I see such differences from thirty years ago when all of this started,all began with terrible infection after birth of my daughter which was very serious and was my first brush with the grim reaper,and was due to mistakes being made during the birth and attitudes to unwed teenage mother in a very different time,it took over twenty years for any admission that it was this that had started my very rapid decline in health and once one diagnosis was made there was total reluctance to check for anything else ,until it was life threatening was diagnosed with the infection which left me on antibiotics at that young age for 18 months,and then had chronic bowel disease diagnosed at 21,then it was coeliac and constant bouts of chest infections which in those days antibiotics were just given over the phone by the time of my late twenties there were problems with my liver but found it terribly hard to get hospital to believe I am and was teetotal,then all through my thirties I was in and out with bouts of pneumonia,I had a consultant say she was going to put me on oxygen then and would see me at her clinic,I heard nothing back,then at 40 I had a heart attack during yet another bout of pneumonia,was in hospital a few weeks and on oxygen right until I left for home . Within three months I was back in hospital again and was told by the consultant who had treated me along with cardio team that she would be increasing my home oxygen,WHAT HOME OXYGEN!! And then it was all hands to get it installed but for about 10 years my local hospital thought I was on home oxygen and under the care of respiratory team,as it had been put in my notes and somehow the system had lost me,so nothing much surprises me anymore, sometimes I can't quite believe how bad things are in the NHS, then some Angel of mercy will give me back some faith,but as this is the thirty year anniversary of it all starting and my wee girls birthday,it's feeling a bit much at the minute,and the jokes I could make out of the disasters that seem to be my life are so hard to do this year,I think this feeling of complete tiredness is just awful,I can barely stay awake and my wee girl is getting married in the autumn and I just don't know where I will get the stamina to be there for the two days it will take and so worried about the oxygen being at the venue..too tired to even think too much about it,I just don't feel like me right now,sorry this has been such a miserable reply ,☹️💤💤💤💤

  • What a time you've been having, Stitcher48. The iron should make a great difference to your energy levels as it's the key part of haemoglobin, which shuttles oxygen around your body from the lungs to everywhere else via the blood stream, and takes away all the carbon dioxide waste. Hope you feel a lot better really soon.

  • Hopefully with the iron and folic acid you should be feeling better soon & you'll get that good sleep you need. Please keep us updated.

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