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Lying down at night


Does everyone else struggle with lying down at night? Not only am I struggling to sleep, I think I got about an hour last night, but I cant even lie down when awake. Have tried using multiple pillows and it doesn't make any difference to my chest ache and SOB. The moment I even slightly recline, even in a chair, and it starts. My oxygen sats are normal and so is my pulse. Although I do think I have slight ankle swelling which I think is linked to the Sprivia. Going to come off it for a few days and see if that makes a difference.

I am really struggling with what requires going to the Dr and what doesn't. Would be much more at ease if I knew all this was to be expected.


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Swollen ankles should be seen by your GP in my opinion, probably the drugs but also has other causes which need ruling out.

I guess I'm lucky with sleeping - sleep apnoea means I use a machine pumping air in all night under pressure so breathing at night is easier than during the day!

Best wishes

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Hi Sinclair, I have the same problem, but the last time I was an inpatient in hospital, the Physio sourced an adjustable back rest for me - think she got it from occupational health. It's brilliant as I can have it as high or low as I want depending on what feels comfortable. Here is a pic - you can get it from Amazon for under £25 too if you'd rather just buy it & get it quickly. 🌻


Have you tried putting something under your mattress to lift it up, a bit like a raised bed? I eventually gave up, moved into the spare room and into a single (electric) bed which I can raise or lower, depending on how I'm doing with the breathing.

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I have tried using a wedge pillow but they are incredibly uncomfortable.

I think I might have to invest in an adjustable bed if this continues. Rather annoying because forked out a small fortune on a new bed not so long ago.

Should also probably get checked for sleep apnea. Also occurred to me this could also be heart burn related which I seem to be getting recently.

Have come off the Sprivia now and hoping that improves the incredibly mild feet swelling and inability to urunate otherwise off to my useless GP on Tuesday.

Thanks all


If you consider an adjustable bed take a look at They are manufacturers and are a lot cheaper than many. I bought a 4 foot one for under £500 and I had excellent service. Very pleased with my bed. Good luck.


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