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muscle Fatigue

Hi, my name is Peejay, I have just joined. I suffer from COPD and have don so for some years now. .My arms and legs are increasingly getting weaker, so much so that my legs feel as though they will buckle from under me at anytime and my arms feel like led weights Is this in any way connected to COPD at all? Have seen doctor but was not much help. Do any others experience these symptoms? It's very frightening, I'm scared that I shall soon be house bound or worse, bed bound .

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Hi Peejay, and welcome. I'd get your doctor to check you over and possibly do some bloods. It could be something really simple, like vitamin D deficiency. I had the same problem a couple of years ago, and it was soon sorted out. Try to keep moving as well if you can. I know it's hard, but it will help to strengthen your muscles. Good luck and take care. XXX


You need a medical review both into your medications and bloods your symptoms could be due to a number of reasons. Once this is done perhaps pulmonary rehab could benefit you.


Hello and welcome peejay. Do have a word with your GP about your problem and while you're there ask for a referral for pulmonary rehab, who may also be able to help with your muscle weakness.


Hello PEEJAY26 .

That weak feeling is definitely something that needs to be looked into. Are you on oxygen?

As everyone else says you need to get checklist to make sure there is nothing that's being overlooked. If your current medical team aren't helpful could you look into getting another opinion?

I'm glad you found this forum. Please do let us know how things go for you. Take care.

Cas xx 🌷🌿🌷


If it feels worse then some muscle weakness then for sure go to your doctor for yesterday it could be a lot of things heart lungs etc so I would go in for sure



I too experienced weakness and a general lack of energy. It helped to get on a pulmonary re-hab session, referred by my doctor. It involved 6weeks x twice a week sessions to help build up the strength.It doesn't cure anything but it does help build you up. Also you meet like minded people, some better some worse than you it then helps to talk. Hope you find this useful.


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Thank you all for your good advice, Been much appreciated.



I suppose you could be suffering from just sheer exhaustion, if you are trying to do the same as you always have done, but with less oxygen available. What is your diet like? Do you walk? or get any exercise??




Hi Peejay, I have IPF and have been suffering with the same since November. Legs feeling like jelly a lot of the time as though they will give way and extreme fatigue. I went to my GP who referred me to a neurologist, saw her last week she did lots of tests on my limbs and I had blood tests and have to have an MRI scan. My GP didnt think it was connected to my lung disease, but my pulmonary consultant thinks it may be, so will have to wait and see. I do sympathise with you and know how you feel. Go back to the doctor and get referred, good luck.


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