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UK Air Polution Electric Cars Healther Cites

UK Air Polution Electric Cars Healther Cites

IN all this talk of Elecric Cars comes issues of charging points.

But i can't see WHY the old abandond BT phone boxes can't be used as emergency EV charging station's

(1) phone boxes don't need and or any planing permission.

I.e permited development SO if gov was serious WHY as it not happend.

Coz its Dangerous .. TOFF

(2) The Growth and Infrastructure bill clause 8 would over rule any local council safety objections.

I guess if i was not lung dieased and depresed THAT would of been my next project investment.

BUT as am depresed can dream BUT you can could WRITE to your our own MPs

Asking if our gov was serious WHY was it not done UNDER THE Growth and Infrastructure bill.

Guess thats one for MP's Communites minister :)

Feel free to write to your MP quoting clean air bill and EV bill and what i have talked about here about utilising old abandoned phone boxes.

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Hi Jeff that sounds a plausible theory to put to our MPs in respect of air pollution bill, Maybe BLF might be interested in this as they are backing the Air pollution campaign as are AsthmaUK. Thanks for the suggestion and hope you soon feel less down but it often takes for ever to get back to normal when depression sets in. Bought my freind some hot cross buns to lift her low mood yesterday. Chocolate Easter Eggs can give a bit of a boost to mind but won't make the pain go away . Have a good Easter, sure there will be some extra chat on the site as it is bank holiday .



Not all boxes are suitably located.

My local shopping centre as two charging points on the car park.

They can be installed on every service station on motorways.

Also out of town shopping centres.

In fact any car park Private or council run can install charging points.

The actual charge connection is no no different than any other outside waterproof power outlet.


I thought the derelict phone box near ours was one of the few, with the majority having been sold abroad as poolside features in the USA.


Our phone box is a library lol ppl leave and take books as they feel no charge just lots of books x


What a lovely idea! :)

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