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Acute exacerbation of COPD and GP's

Well don't you just hate it when you start morning suffering Acute exacerbation of COPD.

Lucky i did not panic and quickly subsided BUT dose fill you with fear and dread.

I think few GPs should experience it and might be tad more understanding.

One of my Acute exacerbation was i think causes by using my nebuliser few hours befour bed.

WHY do i think that WELL i had my 7% hypertonic saline just befour bed so slept with all that fluid on my chest.

So think that morning was congested and coughing that much could not breath.

Other was think infection trying it on given i was so wrong to have my hypertonic saline before bed.

Went doc's well my GP's this morning as could not find my emmergancy antibiotics.

Doctor at practice don't seem as interested or attitudes have changed as when i ask them about my condition THEY say ask my lung doctor whats up with me.

Was watching GP's behind closed doors AND was women with high blood pressure 80/130 and doctor was all over her going on about how it needs lowing SO when i go to my doctors with blood pressure that makes me ill of 90/145 my doctors are not arsed.

Why and Hows that work.

Also my leg when ever take stocking off still swells ALSO was reading hip pain could be blood clots SO yet again why are my gp's not taking leg swelling serious.

Should i have not been given water pills.

Also my gp given Acute exacerbation never even as much as examined me just wrote prescription and said if i don't smoking be on oxygen shortly.

No advice or help on my depression.

Am i surprised NOT really as i seen what help GP's give my dad.

Would like to thank EVERYONE for ADVICE & SUPPORT that replied to my older post BUT as you can read i took advice on board but fell on my GP's deaf ears.

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Morning JAS, can l just ask, do you still smoke? This could be affecting the way your GP handles your health issues. That's not right but just a thought.

Thinking of you and wishing you well. Xxxx

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Hi Sassy yer i still smoke its one of pleasures still enjoy.

Way doctors go on we would have to est grass drink water to live healthy life.

Am tea total and find drinking offensive but i would never treat any one like i have been treated or not treated.

I guuess with us being lung diseased and our long term prognosis we can easily be written off


You have a good attitude JAS and know what's best for you. Sadly doctors don't think the same way. Hope you can get some help with the COPD and your depression. You take care xxxxxx

Hi Jeff , I hope you managed to get some sleep....I have just been wondering where else you could get some help.

In my town we have a cancer charity which offers support to people with long term health conditions as well as cancer sufferers.

They hold exercise classes , as well as courses to help manage depression and anxiety. I wonder if there is anything like that in your area. I went on a Mindfulness and Meditation course there.

You tube has some good Meditation videos, and I like David Carbonels video on anxiety and belly breathing.

Has your GP not offered you any talking therapies ....I watch Behind Closed Doors too, and the staff there seem to arrange such courses to their patients. You could ask next time, Jeff.

Best wishes to you and your family for Easter....take care now .


Hi again Jeff, sorry to hear you have exacerbation of COPD. The warm weather effects my illness so it could be what you think plus the warm weather. There are a lot of people with hay fever and I have been in contact with a few who have colds or chesty infections this week. Get taking them pills and you will feel better with your chest then, not sureabout the rest though. Some places have self referral options for depression nowadays might be worth investigating, avoids the GP turmoil. Take care

I visited my GP the other day because I had tightness in my chest and pains in my back. I attributed this to coughing up mucus. He agreed and when I suggested that steroids might help, I was surprised that he agreed. Hs opinion was that I knew what worked for me with my COPD. He also checked my blood pressure and asked me to monitor it , they have a machine in the surgery so you can pop in and use it anytime. he also booked me in for another appointment in a couple of weeks. I was a bit surprised at the service, was in for a lot longer than the allotted 10 mins.


google.co.uk/search?q=what+... This may help you Jeff. You should be given water tablets if you have fluid retention. I have high blood pressure and am on two different tablets for this. And it is stable at the moment. But my blood pressure started to get higher again last October it was over 160/90 Them due to other medication I had been put on for my arthritis. That maid my blood pressure go even higher over 203 and I was very breathless I was admitted to hospital. And they changed one of my high blood pressure and put me on a different water tablet. Take care. And I hope you get the right help soon it's really bad the way you are being treated.

Your little story, even though you may not realize it, is all too true with doctors these days. i moved back to my home town in central New York State to hook up with a lady from my past years i knew from high school. i had been living in North Carolina for the past 32 years. It was there i was diagnosed with copd and was put on oxygen and medications 24/7. i have been working on why this daily routine has not helped me one bit. I go to 3 doctors where I am now and tell them this and also that it may be allergies that are not of normal varieties due to a major (and i mean major) problem with my nose and sinus are constantly filled with mucus and `blood. i sometimes have to tend to my nose problems for quite a while before i can stop the dripping.All my talking seems to fall on deaf ears. i get the feeling sometimes that they don't want you cured lest they may lose you as a patient and the money stops coming in to them. i have made up my mind to shop around for a doctor who i can trust and rely on my welfare. You may want to do the same instead of watching years of your life wasted by incompetent doctors and "the system". Good luck and stay healthy.


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