Stem Cell Considerations

Hello all. I am seriously considering Sten Cell therapy. At 55% lung function, i feel its worth the risk and cost, if it can improve my breathing even 5 or 10%

Many say the technique are still being researched and not approved. But then again all medicines and techniques have gone through the same processes with doubts about there success.

If anyone has tried Stem cell therapy I would love to hear from you. Good luck in all of your lives. Prayers

Ralph B.


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15 Replies


    Have a look at this.

  • am all for any scientific when proven but hate grasping at straws when we know there are so many positive ways to improve our conditions.Guess there is no way to beat exercise,healthy diet and asd much positive physchological forward thinking as possible.Many happy thoughts from Downunder,which is not to say being as positive as possible does help.

  • I am sorry but from all my reading this treatment at the various centres around the world does not work. Research in the main stream hospital research units does show promise but sadly is far from a working treatment. I am a great believer in what works for you however the way it stands I believe this treatment is a waste of money. You would perhaps better off spending the money on a personal trainer.

  • Last time i tried a Personal trainer, he was a young guy who tried to work me to death at a level he could endure. I fired him after t the first session

  • I say if you can afford to have it, go ahead and give it a go. Nothing to lose apart from a bit of cash but then if it makes some improvement, however small, it will have been worth it. It may give you the lift needed to make your life easier. Good luck.

  • i can afford it many times over. but all my inquirys into it have come back that it does not work. i think i will save my money for something that does work.

  • Hi I have not had it but spoke to a consultant who came to my breathe Easy group , he wasn't convinced it was worthwhile , if u say you would risk it for 5 to 10 per cent more lung capacity, I would suggest trying pulmonary rehab programme and maybe look at your diet , I have recently cut out wheat and sugar from my diet and feel the benefit of it ,incidently my lung capacity is 20 per cent ,I try and exercise daily even if it's just doing the housework. Our lungs need exercise no matter what that entails , it all helps to keep you mobile

  • Ralph,

    I live in the states and had a stem cell treatment in Dec 2015. I had it done at The Lung Institute. There are several facilities here in the US. At no cost to you, you can sign up for a webinar online that explains the procedure. They use your own stem cells.

    Since it's considered research, all costs were out of pocket ($8,500 - $12,000). So my husband and I had to think long and hard about spending the money.

    I have Bronchiectasis, so this treatment would not help with the weakening of the airways, but help repair the scaring in the lungs.

    Since the treatment, I have not noticed a huge improvement, BUT I also haven't gotten any worse. Since the treatment and being a part of this website, I know how to keep my lungs clear and to stay healthy. I have not had a major blair up since the treatment.

    I think, bottom line, I wanted to have the treatment with the hope of a noticable improvement, but also be a part of the research. It's research that results in medical breakthroughs.

    Hope this helps you with your decision, Beth

  • Beth i to live in North Carolina on the states.

    Thank-you for your response. I have moderate emphysema and only 55 percent lung function from exposure to smoking.

    Lung institute is also whoop i have been talking to. They claim a 15 to 20 percent improvement is possible. My wife and i are willing to spend the money , if it would give any improvement near what is claimed.

    Lung institute claims that some after the blood treatment some come back for a seconds more èxpensove treatment and more improvement.

    I am wondering if they are legit or just put to take people's money.


  • Beth. I noticed your condition doesn't include scarring in the lungs. Mine does have scarring on the lungs. If you have our had scars would you do the stem cell treatment again?

  • rbroome,

    Having Bx does produce scarring in the lungs, due to pneumonias and numerous infections. With Bx, our lungs produce more than average mucus and it's harder to cough up. The longer the mucus stays in the lungs the more of a chance of getting infections/pneumonia resulting in scarring.

    I was asked by The Lung Institute if I wanted another treatment after a year, I declined. Personally, I think this treatment is suited better for people with scarring due to emphysema and COPD/asthma.

    We're not rich by any means, but we did save (401k) thru out our working years for retirement, so we felt I should try it. Since they use your own stem cells, there wasn't a moral issue. I felt it was worth a try. When I had it done in 2015, if I had it done by the end of 2015, I got a discount of $1,000, so my total cost was $11,000 and hotel stay costs are included. I went to the clinic in Nashville, we were on our way to Florida for the month of January.


  • Beth i have talked too a previous patient about stem cell therapy and they add a couple other patients claim a 30% improvement on their emphysema conditions

    It seems one commenter here called. The organization a scam. When i first joined this group, i mentioned the same orgsnization by name and was chastised for that now i see a re reply by Golfer that they are snake oil salesman

    I do plan to contact more patients who have used ştem celk therapy.

    I am sorry for golfer that he has had no success but feel it unfair if he has not personally tried the Institute.

    Like many health professionals here in the states who try to discourage any treatments other than that they ate paid to push. Like drugs that do more harm than good

  • There have been several discussions in Pulmonary Fibrosis on-line support groups. The Lung Institute does not offer an approved therapy. While there is some research being done on stem cells, there are no clinical trials on stem cell research for Lungs.

    see below

    and sometimes things go wrong.

    Why make the snake oil salesman richer and maybe risk injury?? Just saying!

  • GolferWIPF (Good morning, hope that you are doing well).

    In the Snake oil salesman I assume you are speaking of the pharmaceutical companies (Drug Manufacturers), I have talked to a few that have had Stem Cell therapy for Emphysema type lung issues (as I have). The responses have been "It works" some not as much as others and no one is guaranteed it will work.. Of course there are those that it has not worked for (I wish it would work for all). With the Fibrosis you and many suffer with, I wish it would work also.

    With research such as the Institute does, hopefully it gets better and others check it out. Personally unless someone has tried out Stem Cell therapy and found nothing works like with the old snake oil salesman, to discourage others from trying, when it possibly could help them. The majority of the medical profession here in the states is negative enough about any treatments that they don't approve of or know anything about.

    I sure hope that we can all find relief in our lives for all..

    Take care and good luck in life

    Ralph B.

  • so any doctor, or copd suffer that doesnt go along with your " dont knock it if you havent tried it " is in your opinion trying to discourage people from trying something that could possible help them.

    why would any one want to do that?

    the whole object of this site is to incourage people to get as much as they can from the life they now have, and where possible help others avoid been taken for a very expense ride .

    stem cell treatment does not work for copd.

    snake oil salesman never worked alone..

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