Help the Homeless.

Mice live in my campervan

What a bl**dy cheek!

I've just took them on holiday

To Barmouth for a week.

I haven't actually seen them

But I know that they are there.

It's clear they don't use the toilet

It's enough to make one swear.

I don't know what they're eating

But wiring's on their list

Today is their eviction day

I'm going to end their bliss.

Right now though that's my problem

Just what am I to do?

I wouldn't mind letting them stay on

If they didn't munch and poo.

They might have little children

With little buckets and spades

It does seem rather heartless

To suddenly end their days.

Re housing is the answer

Somewhere else to live.

So PM me your home address

I've something here to give.


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No thanks Don our cat would want to care for them and we don't want more pets! Xxxx

That is amusing and made me laugh. Think I might send Big Ed over to sort them out.

πŸ˜‚ Sorry Don, like Sassy, I have cats who are quite partial to chasing mice, and I don't think that the dogs would be too impressed either! They're fascinated with anything that moves. They spotted a grass snake a couple of days ago slither across the track....they were most disappointed when it disappeared into the undergrowth! πŸ˜†πŸ­πŸ€πŸ­πŸ€πŸ­πŸ€ XXX

Amusing suggestion but I have to say no thanks. :)

This made me laugh. I will send you my cat as he is a great mouser.

I have a Jack Russell who is also a good mouser. She was trying to tell me but I thought she was just sniffing around for food, one of her main hobbies.

My cat would be delighted to accept your kind offer but as an animal lover I'm afraid I have to put my foot down and say "thank you, but no".

Hahaha Son, you'll have to get a humane mouse catcher and leave it or them on your next trip out ! Ma xx

My parrots are willing to budge up and there are plenty of perches. Although their food might be pallatable, not sure they could stand the noise 😊

Thank you .......But NO.

We live in the sticks and have plenty to contend with , without importing yours. 😁


Leave them in Barmouth! I don't want them here, thanks. The last mouse the cat brought in made a nest in my cooker and I had to buy a new one as it was all in the insulation. It stank to high heaven when I switched it on after a couple of weeks away from home! Good luck with the re-homing! Love the poems - keep 'em coming! xx Moy

We need a laugh like that, Don, thankyou. I have a spider living in my wing mirro and it has outings to the hospital, visiting family and supermarket shopping with my wife. Best wishes, Albert.

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