Hi All.

My name is David, I am 72 yrs old and have many health problems, I have COPD and last year had Septicemia, and was nearly a gonna,but it has left me with a really bad chest infection and breathlessness, I have been given Amoxicillin and Steroids, which does work for a week then comes back again, I have been so bad and unable to breath, I can only walk a few feet, untill I am on the floor unable to breath. I am unable to get help called the ambulance weekly, Hospital is not helping me just giving the same as the my Doctor is giving me, Oh Well, I will stop rambling now, glad to be here.

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Hello David and welcome. Sorry to hear that you are having such a bad time. Hope you start to feel better soon. Let us know please how you are doing. Takke care 😊 xx Bernadette

Hello David, welcome to the site. Sounds like you have had a bad time. It will take a while to get over, pamper yourself till you feel a little better. COPD does have ups and downs especially if you get infections like Sceptacemia, as it knocks youre immune system. Take care and keep in touch.

Thank You very much, you sound like a nice lady

Welcome to you David. You have been through a lot but if you don't improve soon do get back in touch with your GP and give the BLF helpline a call during office hours on 03000 030 555.

Feel better soon xxxxxx

Hi David, you are having a difficult time. Do you live alone, have a wife, or carer? I hope so. Has the doctor tried any other anti biotics? Try to eat nourishing meals and rest all you can. Keep in touch, a trouble shared is a trouble halved, as they say. Iris x

Hi David welcome sorry to hear your not well I to have copd and amoxicillin are no good to me I have claryithomsin now when I have a flair up. Are you on oxygen, it sounds as if you should be. I should keep contacting your GP until they do something for you tell them how weak you are not just the breathlessness. Please let us know how you get on.

Love Sue

Good morning David, and welcome to the group. It sounds as though you've been having a tough time of it! It can take a long time to get over infections, but it could be that a change in medication may help. I would try your doctor again. I hope that you're feeling much better soon.

Take care. Pam XXX

Hello and welcome David. I agree with sassy above; call the BLF helpline above. They may be able to help. Please keep us updated.

Welcome David. I'm 85 and was in pretty much the same situation as you with many other ailments in addition to COPD. I plodded along quite happily until I found that Amoxicillin with Prednisolone didn't work for me as well anymore. I joined this group at the beginning of the year and began to realise how important self-help is in coping with COPD. By learning breathing exercises, how to cough productively, and that using a steamer can loosen phlegm from my chest, I'm back to breathing easily with just the inhalers I'm given. If I do get a flare-up in future I'm confident that the ABs and steroids will be given a chance to do their job. I'm unable to do much physical exercise which is known to be beneficial in dealing with COPD.

I'm not saying this would work for you, but it certainly worked for me. :-)

You are correct. No institution cares for the individual person as much as family. Read and ask questions. And breathe. God bless you, Don, and David, too.

Hi Don,

Thank you for a speedy reply, You are right, you need to do this yourself and find the right way to attack this, but I allready use inhalers both types Blue and purple they help, and I also use a electric nebulizer with a mask, that also helps, I am sure I have a bacteria/bug in my lungs and they are giving me Amoxcillin to kill it, but it don't, only for a week or so, then I am back on it.

Hi David, Amoxcillin will not do anything for a bacterial infection, when I had this problem I got the hospital to do a sputum test to find out what was wrong and it came back as a bacterial infection and they placed me on a Ciprofloxacin which is one that is used for bacteria infections. Amoxcillin and Predlinosone are used for viral infections. I would strongly suggest that you do contact the BLF and keep pushing your GP for further tests.

Wish you all the very best.

Hi David, you will get a lot of help here. I am the same as you, get infection (I have had 10 in the last year) take Abs then along another one wish you well xx

Maybe it's the wrong AB. Do you take a sputum sample for testing? My GP asks me to do so any time I think I have an infection.

Hi David, welcome! Suggestion of sputum sample is important to get the correct antibiotic for the bacteria causing the infection. Also amoxicillin stops working for many, but a lot of us take co-amoxiclav, which is amoxicillin plus clavulinic acid which makes the amoxicillin effective again. No idea how that works but it's good for me. Might be worth suggesting to your doctor. These dreadful infections really do take their toll and can take many months for you to feel properly better. Calling the BLF helpline as suggested by Sassy above is a good idea.

I like you having breathing problems have been told I have ashma and scar tissue on my lungs and may need a transplant latter but I am exhausted can't keep going like this so tired

Hello David, hope you feel better soon 💐

Hi David and a big welcome to the site , you sound as if you have been through a tough time . I think you were lucky with the septcimia . You have come to the right place . Looking forward to getting to know you . Take care of yourselves .

Firstly Welcome

Sounds to me you need a stronger Antibiotics Amoxicillin does nothing for me now.

Be well

Best Wishes David xxxx

Hi David sorry to hear of your ill health.Go right in to you tube and put in clearing your lungs, and also clearing chest, it will really help you, buy a flutter, its well worth it. you should send away a sputum and have a longer coarse of antibiotics.

Good luck to you

Hi David, sorry to hear you are having such a bad time. Hope it gets sorted soon and all the best :)

Thank you

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