Change of user name and email.

Hi everyone I've had to change my user name and email I've tried numerous times to get onto this forum and failed .I've missed it very much all the support and information you've all given me on here has been life changing so thank u all .My old user name was Titchy52 . My new one is jessica Barnes I hope that's ok with u all.

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Thanks Jessica, nice to have you back xxx

Hello Titchy (now Jessica) l have been wondering where you were and if you were ok. No idea what went wrong for you but welcome back. Hope you are well. Xxxx

Welcome back . Happy Easter

welcome back Jessica, hope we can be of further help when you need it .x

Welcome back, Jessica. Sorry the site gremlins got to Titchy52.

Welcome back Jessica. Hope your doing well. Take care Maggie

Welcome back Jessica x

Welcome home Titchy52 :-)

Welcome back Titchy - wondered where you were. 💐

I was wondering where you were. It's good to see you back.

Welcome back. :)

Thank u all for your kind comments and fantastic welcome so happy to be back xxx

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