I am on spiriva and seretide daily but dnt know if there is anything else that would help with copd wasn't given any info just told I had it and was put on inhalers

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  • That's par for the course I'm afraid. You'll learn more about COPD from the messages on here than you will from any medics. That's not to say that you shouldn't follow their advice to the letter. ;-)

  • Hi Bettyboop2345

    I'm Graham and pleased to meet you , i think you were a bit short changed if as you say you were diagnosed given meds and sent on your way

    When i went through the diagnosis stage i was given the inhalers and it was explained to me that to some extent it was a bit try it and see ,and as it happened one was not for me and they prescribed an alternative which was so much better and did the job

    Two plus years on I'm still on the same and I'm more than happy with my selection.... so the thing is if your inhalers are not doing as intended you must help your Doctor / Nurse get it right for you. tell them!

    Hope all goes well for you


  • Exercise is well evidence based for helping copd. If you are able to exercise you can ask your GP to refer you for pulmonary rehabilitation. It's a course of exercise and education run by specialist respiratory physiotherapists especially for people with copd and other lung diseases. Very many members here have done the course and found it very beneficial, both the exercise and learning how to manage copd, plus also meeting others who have the condition.

  • Hello and welcome to the site. :)

  • Best go back to your doctor and have a chat .

  • Hi Bettyboop, sounds about the usual. British Lung Foundation has more info along with ourselves from experience of the illness at varied stages. The inhalers are the usual for this , but there are many more if these don't suit. There are exercises , rehab, breath easy groups for advice and social interaction. Foods that can ease the chest ect ect. Just ask if you have a question and usually someone will have an answer. It is usual to have a 12 month check with nurse at GPs, plus annual flu injections, a care plan with the GP and speedy treatment of flare ups.Take care

  • Hi Betty thats what my husband was on and when he had a flare up had steroids and antibiotics

  • I am also using the same two inhalers as you plus also a Ventolin one as and when needed. I have had COPD now for over 27 years and my only real advice to you is use what you have been given, go back if you feel they do not help and see if you can attend a pulmonary course as they are so very worthwhile to go on. Only other advice is try to keep to a healthy diet and do as much exercise as your able, it is really important. Hope you keep really well and active.

  • Hello and welcome x

  • I have been taking mostly the same medication for my COPD for the last 10 years or so. I have Spiriva, Seretide (which I don't use much as it didn't help) and Symbicort (budesonide/formoterol) which is my best ever. But along with the inhalers I also take maximum daily dose of vitamin D with calcium as the steroids in the inhalers can lead towards osteoporosis. And a regular dose of antibiotic (azithromycin 3x a week) to stop any infections. Regular exercise is a must for me (I am 70 years old and ride a motorbike regularly). Also in my early days I paid an annual visit to the pulmonary rehabilitation people. Initially they were the ones to get me exercising and they have loads of information on medication, diet etc. as well as how to exercise however fit you are. I can now say that I am better today than I was when I was first diagnosed with COPD! I hope that helps. But try the pulmonary rehab.

  • Hello Bettyboop, did you have a spirometry (breathing) test which determines what your lung function is? From that, it can be determined what stage of COPD you are and what treatment you should be getting. Plenty of knowledge and good advice on here.

    Information about COPD on the BLF website.


  • Bettyboop2345 hi I'm. On. Spirits also once a day proventil inhaler They put me on a new one Serevent Diskus best yet twice a day and of course those Prednisone(20)mg a day It's gonna b alright,

  • i have the same kind of medicin. try to exersice . try Nordic Walking. avoid persons With influensa. take all influensa vaccins thats neccecery. one is against pullmonia. best regards Tarj a

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