My Bad Day

Having a bad day stayed in bed my sats have been right down last few days even just laying in bed 70 early 80s Both doctor and matron unconcerned I was suppossed to be on 16 hour oxygen but for last couple of month have not been able to because of sats .my lost sputum sample turned up but not been able to identify what was found said it could be because I've had so many abs and have gave a fresh sample but not to take abs till got results still waiting to hear about results from chest X-ray .I feel really low today like not getting any answers to why sats so low and Iam so depressed just had telephone counselling every little movement seems to make me more breathless and lower sats

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  • Sorry you are having such a bad time at the moment and hope things do improve.

    Try the blf helpline during office hours on 03000 030 555. They may be able to offer advice. Xxx

  • I Don't understand why The doctor and the matron seem unconcerned about my sats and tell me to stop checking them all the time if that is the case why bother having oxi meter can't win x

  • Thinking of you T2d. Xxx

  • So sorry you aren't feeling to well lately, really hope you start to feel better soon. Take care 😊 xx Bernadette

  • Thank you Bernadette hope so xx

  • I've no idea yet, how being so breathless feels but, it must be absolutely awful T2D, I hope your feeling better tomorrow. xx

  • Hope you start to feel better really soon, T2D.

  • Thanks I am really hoping do however hope today brings improvement as yet just the same 😷

  • Trynot to check your sats for a few days. It isonly worrying for you. Then maybe its cause and effect, the anxiety over the reading makes you worse. I am a worrier so just walking into the doctors puts my heart rate up!

  • Understand what you mean but when they so low panic does set on just been to bathroom dropped to 64

  • Hope you soon feel better! xx Moy

  • Hope so to May xx

  • Hope n pray you are soon through this difficult time ✨😊✨

  • Thanks so much means allot people caring x

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