We should have the CHOICE!

Dear friends,

I just signed the petition "State Pension age for women to be reduced from 66 to 60" and wanted to ask if you could add your name too.

This campaign means a lot to me and the more support we can get behind it, the better chance we have of succeeding. You can read more and sign the petition here:


Thank you!


P.S. Can you also take a moment to share the petition with others? It's really easy – all you need to do is forward this email or share this link on Facebook or Twitter: you.38degrees.org.uk/petiti...

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Just signed frose. Xxxxx

All done Fern 😊. Hope this lady's for U turning. X

Absolutely signed frost, and shared xx



There's also a E-Petition


Signed this one too. But I am sure I have signed another one last year

Signed and shared. No hesitation. Thanks for posting.

Signed both.

Signed and shared. Justice urgently needed xx

the money is not there to support your petition, thats why the age was raised to 66.

Well we have already paid our share!


Already signed it on FB, I'd like to retire now , am 62 and not coping v well at the minute , all this hassle just to get retired on medical grounds , it wasn't broken so leave it alone!!!

Of course one would love the cake and eat it too, ie longer life expectancy and earlier SP. Sign by all means but, considering equal contributions and ladies living longer, isn't an earlier retirement just for women unfair? (Ladies: please no abuse in your comments 😎😍)

I think you're missing the entire point about the money we have already paid. In effect we have been stolen from.

Dear frose, I myself had to work years longer than I earlier expected for the contributions I paid. A point you choose to ignore is fairness between genders. Earlier retirement could be acceptable IMHO when to redress unfair burdens on women, say two years for each child after the first one. A blanket earlier retirement based on gender is outright unfair.

I quite agree that a retirement age based on gender is unfair but that is not what this is about.

Fairness between genders? Until the 1990s women were excluded from many company pension schemes because of our gender, so had nothing to fall back on when these SP changes (which we were given very little notice of) were brought in.

supermario1949 frose Hanne62

This is an emotive subject. Each member is entitled to voice their own respectful opinion. Let's keep this polite please.

Noted, of course. Have edited out my slight irritation! 😊

I'm a lady (sort of!) and I agree. The 'wrong' is that it has happened so suddenly - 3 years ago I was contemplating retirement in 4 years - now I'm looking at 10years. I have COPD - it's getting worse - I genuinely don't think I'll make it. I'm self employed - piano teacher - I catch colds off the children all the time. With relief I was applying a system of natural redundancy and not filling gaps as children finished their studies. All of a sudden I need a whole new generation. My friend who is 2 years older has just retired, at 60. I know the funds are short but it's cruel and iniquitous to move the goal posts by so much and so suddenly. I personally have absolutely no hope whatsoever that there will be any money IF I even get there xpiggix

Signed. Have u seen WASPI on FB they are doing great work to gain some compensation for 50's women who have lost out by by not having enough warning of the changes. Jan

Have signed Frose, I am one of the lucky ones who retired at 60 I just scrapped in. I feel that pension age should not keep increasing for men or women, it is just increasing lack of jobs for the young in my opinion. We should have a choice on whether we work passed retirement age, not be forced to have to work longer because the state can't provide us with pension like other countries.The over fifties have lots to offer in other areas if they could retire, whilst youngsters need to build a life for their future and can't do this without work and an income. Anyway that's my thoughts on the issue. Good luck with recruiting supporters x

The State can't afford to give you decent state pension .. AND pay themselves their gold plated pensions.

Done and put on Facebook, I'm 59 still working in retail and I've had enough, I should be retiring next year but have to plod on for another 7 years. Retail is not easy on your feet all day especially when health not good. Fingers crossed they will listen x x

Just signed.

Signed Frose. I just scraped through under the old rules. I still worked till I was 66 (couldn't afford to retire) but, as you say, it was my choice!

Done and on fb

If any notice is taken of this petition I will confidently expect to look out of my window and see a squadron of pigs flying overhead.

Sadly you're probably right but we have to hope and we have to try 😊

Just signed .

I fear the only way to right the wrongs is via the ballot box, but sadly nobody seems to care.

Signed and shared. Felt I had to leave my employment and for the last few months I have been on ESA. Now after an assessment, apparently I am fit to work. I am 63yrs this year and have to start looking for work

That is just heart breaking - and very wrong. You have my total sympathy.

Thank you frose. Seeing as I have emphysema and now being monitored for a cardiac problem, I cannot see any employer taking me on.

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