Different Throat problem

It has been 11/2 or 2 years.. like.. when i wake up in the morning.. and try to spit from my throat.. i used to see blood .. the blood amount will be more in each spit.. but it stops after 4-5 spit.. thats it.. overall i can say there will be 1spoon blood. I needed to know the reason for this.. Not only that.. now last week i had throat infection.. cough and all.. now i am ok with it.. but now after wake up.. i used to get a spit of mucus.. from throat or nostril which is completely red.. which means its blood mucus. But that too only one scoop..

I have gum problem.. gums used to bleed.. is it because of that?

Or is it any other problem..

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Best to speak to your GP to get checked out. Worth doing l feel. Xxxx

Take a specimen of sputum. XX

It's common when you cough a lot to break a small vein in your throat which causes the blood. At least that's what a doctor told me. Best to get it checked out though to be on the safe side.

The fact is that.. i dont have cough

My doctor said it's quite possible to break a rib when coughing, let alone a blood vessel. I think you should get a professional opinion on this - doctor or even a dentist is good if you don't have a cough.

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