fit-to-fly' test which simulates flying conditions

Last week i had a fit-to-fly' test which simulates flying conditions to see whether or not supplemental oxygen will be needed, i passed the test with a Blood/oxygen average level of 88 while on the test with a mask on for 15 minutes, at normal sea level at rest i am at 92-93. i was so pleased to hear this , i am away next week on a 1.5 hour flight, thought i would just let people know about this test and of course my result :)

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  • Hi Guy59, glad you passed with flying colours 👍 I too had a flight assessment & over the last few years have been borderline, but this time it was a definite - 'you oxygen to fly safely' booooo to the docs. I'm off to Cyprus next Sat provided the darn sniffles I've got doesn't turn to anything sinister.. Where are you headed? Christina 🌻

  • Off to Switzerland Christina, we go twice a year to visit family, last year though could not go ,due to operation etc, hope you don't get a bad cold,

  • Thank you. How lovely, definitely on my list of places to visit. Having family there is the perfect excuse to keep going back 😁 Enjoy 🌻

  • That's great news Guy. Did you have to pay for the test and how much? :) James

  • HI James, no payment all good 😊

  • Great news Guy - enjoy your trip x

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