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Few weeks home

After beine home now for a couple of wks I'm doing better ,not there yet tbh I had a major clear out of friends who only take and never give that has made me feel better big time I don't have the drain all the time on my health or mental health tbh ,I feel more relaxed if I'm honest I'm getting usec to doing my physio everyday and using my neb and huff equipment it has made such z difference to me already I'm hoping now I'm down to 10 on the steroids that will help to just have to wait till the next appt in June and see what my Dr's say hope everyone is doing well out there best wishes to all

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Hello Lovebear1965 . It's great to hear you are doing better. These things take time, so be kind and gentle with yourself.

As for clear out of friends, I did that too sometime back. I figured I needn't spend my time pretending I was happy to keep giving, and not everyone deserves a place at my table. It felt good knowing I didn't have to play along anymore.

I hope things continue to improve for you. Take good care of yourself, put yourself first.

Cas xx 🌹🌿🌹


I love 'not everyone deserves a place at my table', lol, I'm going to bank that in my brain for future nudges to what I need to do. Thank you Caspiana 😁🌻x




It's funny how being sick makes you realise exactly how many people you've wasted precious time on. Getting shut, is a weight off the shoulders. It's their loss.

I hope you continue to improve. xx


Sounds like a good idea to have a friend purge - if you're constantly giving, it's a drain on the precious energy you have left & you need to save plenty to fight YOUR fight. Glad you're feeling better - onwards & upwards 🌻x


Good to hear about your improvement in health. It's not a bad thing to have a "friend" de-clutter either so well done.

Hope you stay as well as you can. Xxxxxx


You're doing so well, and good for you getting rid of the dead wood!! I have been 'pruning' my friends for the past year and know that the few who are left are genuine - feels good!. Take care & all best wishes x

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