Seeing a doc on Tuesday these feelings just won't go away even though i know i could live with it for years i cant get my head around not helped by awful foot pain for two days out of hours doc diagnosed Gout what i cant understand is if I'm at stage 3 i have never had a cough or mucus compared to some I'm pretty good considering i have diabetes and stable kidney failure feel as though someone has taken my personality away happy go lucky to gibbering wreck apologies for the rant

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Hi Margie, you have come to the right place - rant as much as you like!

I'm sorry you're feeling so down at the moment. You have a lot going on healthwise so it's not surprising that you sometimes have these moments. I'm pleased you have a GP appointment soon. Make sure you tell him exactly how you've been feeling. I'm sure there are meds that can lift you up and help you regain your true personality.

I read your earlier post about having given up smoking years ago, where you said your husband is also giving up now, so I'm sure that will help your breathing problems. Don't let the COPD diagnosis worry you. There are many on this site who were diagnosed many years ago and are still going strong. I was diagnosed 9 years ago - I went straight from long term asthma to severe COPD. Yet like you I don't cough much or bring up the nasty stuff, except when having a rare exacerbation, but 'severe' is what the spirometry and CT scan say. I have to accept their opinion, but I am doing my best to ignore it, and not allow it to rule my life.

I know this is all easy for me to say when I am feeling well at the moment and the sun is shining here, which always lifts my spirits, but please try not to be anxious as that won't help your breathing, and do tell your GP your concerns so that he understands how worried you've been.

Best of luck with your appointment on Tuesday. Please let us know how you get on.

Jan :-)

this all started 2 weeks ago I wad fine till nurse accused me of smoking abf told me "you know its bad"keep thinking she was trying to tell ne something even been to see my friend who's been good for ten years thoght it would make me feel better but it hasn't thanks for your post it has helped a bit

I've never smoked but asthma, chest infections and radiotherapy for breast cancer caused mine! There's no rhyme or reason to some things, but the way we deal with it is down to us! Confound the doom momgerers, take all the advice on here and lean whenever you need to on the people who know how you feel. Big hugs xxxx

Ooh I didn't realize you could get copd or is it emphysema from asthma and chest infections. Going through that stage now after lifelong asthma .

I do have COPD caused by chronic chest infections and radiotherapy. I also had severe depression and anxiety, culminating in ECT treatment! My chest problems caused me to cancel meeting friends, arranging hotel breaks and my life seemed to be so limited, plus we live in a wood without neighbours so very isolating! I nursed for 37 years in surgery, always on the go, so it's been difficult accepting where I'm at, but I have (almost) now! That's my moan over! Take care. Xx

Thanks for the reply. My sister had ect with schizophrenia. She needed it again after the birth of each of her 2 children. She coped quite well after that on anti psychotics and anti depressants.

I Ve had good results on anti depressants for 45 years. Good luck.

Thanks Mardi,

I had a total nervous breakdown but doing well now! Still on powerful antidepressants because I couldn't eat, function etc, so need to continue them indefinitely.

Nice to chat to you. Take care xxx

Hello Margie2553 . Never apologize for ranting. Goodness knows what with all you have going on you need to tell someone. We all need a good rant at times.

You are doing the right thing seeing a doctor about your depression. I am so glad that you are. It is not something to be taken lightly.

Please remember you have this place to come to anytime. And everyone wishes the very best for you. Do keep us updated.

Take good care of yourself.

Cas xx 🌷🌿🌷

Copd is difficult to deal with. I do not cough or produce much mucus. But I only have emphysema. Like you I feel pretty good. However like you I have anxiety about the future. I think you are doing the best thing by speaking to your Doctor. There are various treatments that can help. P.S.....IF ranting helps please feel all do it at some point, good luck for Tuesday.

I know how painful gout can be, I had it in one of my feet several years ago, excruciating is the only word for it so you have my sympathy. Hope you'll be able to find the real you again, very soon.

Your so right to get to the Doctor and catch it early.

I had life long Depression before my proper diagnosis Margie, as well as UCTD, one step down from Lupus) and Fibromyalgia and I spiralled into a mini breakdown after the Copd diagnosis.

Like you, it was a nurse that triggered it, by acting so shocked that I'd gone from mild to moderate in 6 months. She scared the living daylight out of me.

It may help if you also ask for a bit of counselling. I won't go into detail as I've posted so often about it on here.

Five years later and it's still my other conditions that are causing me the most problems.

Some of us go into a deep grieving process, imagining our lives are over. But, I've learned from this site and many others that that isn't the case and life expectancy is pretty much the same as for everyone else, but the quality, depending on how well we look after ourselves, is the major concern.

I know you won't believe me but, this depression can be beaten but, not without help.

I think having other debilitating conditions, makes our reaction to the diagnosis, harder to come to terms with. But, it can be done and I'm proof of it. xx

No apologies necessary Margie - majority of us have had depression of some degree at one time or another. Sounds as though the gout is the last straw! However, there is life after COPD - ask your GP re pulmonary rehab classes - helps to exercise and also to get together with others who have COPD. Check out Breathe Easy groups in your area too. Sending hugs xx

Hi Margie, let them inner feelings out no need to appologise. Everyones different with the COPD, I have a terrible cough but very little problem with mucus. Gout is not unusual in people with Kidney problems. It does effect your personality when in pain and suffering with chronic illness. I have Gout myself or should I say gouty type arthritis as well as osteo, so far my Kidneys are in tact, we all get down days and although I have been given treatment for gout it still hurts, so hope yours soon clears up. Depression goes hand in hand with chronic illness, don't feel guilty about asking for GP help, think there is a self help group on Healthunlocked too, for the depression. Good luck tomorrow, hope talking to GP will help you and move things forward. xx

Sing Margie sing! Join a choir. It's good to let it all out

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