I am getting myself in a state again

Hi Everyone, hope you are all doing well. We have tried everything to help John's COPD, the antibiotics did not work even though they were given to John as a result of a sputum test. Today bought some cannabis oil (we live in Spain and it is easily available) but I came home and googled cannabis oil for pulmonary fibrosis (I know I should not have done) and although they gave good results by taking it, I was reading that PF is terminal and would only give you a life span of 5 years. All you lovely people that are always saying that COPD is manageable if you exercise and have a good diet, do you also mean PF as well. John is still breathless when walking but is trying so hard with exercise, going on the treadmill every day and doing 20 minutes at 3 k. He does get very down and I have to try so hard to remain cheerful for him. All I have in my mind now is that we have only 5 years left.

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  • Hi

    Lots of information from members own stories.


  • Thank you Stone

  • Try not to read too much online and believe that you have longer than five years left together. Things happen to people all the time in life but don't give up. Who knows how long anyone has? Pete is 65 now and l hope l can celebrate his 70th and 75th with him. I don't know that but positivity drives us on.

    Take care xxxxx

  • I know you are so right and I do try but it is hard, some days are better than others, I think I am just having a bad day. I am sure you will spend Pete's 75 with him and even his 80th x

  • You said it, last thing you should have done,Google it.

    I was diagnosed with COPD 2 years ago and done that...apparently I should be pushing up pretty flowers...Google goes from a mild cough to the death bed in seconds...relax..stress feeds stress feeds stress.

    I know it's tough but take a deep breath (oops) close your eyes and think of what you have and enjoy

  • Hello Johnsel . I understand your feelings. When I was diagnosed with Bronchiliotis Obliterans almost three years ago now I did the Google thing too and read that some people die within months and the average lifespan after diagnosis is five years. Shock and horror was followed by somewhat acceptance but also I have come to figure that no one can actually predict how long I am going to live. I could sit here and worry about how much time I have left or make sure I have a good life for whatever time I have. And perhaps that could be said of everyone. It's just that we don't realize it until we are sick. So I would say (although it may be easy for me to) don't let the illness dictate every part of your life. Do things you both enjoy although you may have to improvise a bit. Whatever will happen in future, we are alive today. That's what really counts.

    Sending you both happy thoughts and a big hug. Take care.

    Cas xx

  • Thank you Cas for your reply and your wonderful words of wisdom, I know you are so right and I will try so hard to be positive and live for now and not keep worrying about the future, I keep on at John to be the same so I should practice what I preach! I think the people on this site, you especially, are wonderful helping others when you are ill yourselves. I hope Cas that you will live for years and years and I am sure you will with your attitude, it makes me feel very humble. Love Carole xxxx

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