Sleeping and antihistaminessis

Visit from doctor yesterday more antibiotics said not to take unless necessary in bed at moment sweating told doctor sats keep dropping doesn't listen .I asked her for something to help me sleep but she said no that the Mitrazapan 45mg I am on should help .I read somewhere that phenargen antihistaminessis can help with sleep anybody tried them I am trying to get some energy to have a bath later

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Hello Time_2_drink and I can totally understand your need for just one descent nights sleep. I'm also on 45mg Mirtazapine,which is by the way the maximum dose. However my stress levels were sky high at the slightest provocation and same with my anxiety etc etc. My Doctor told me to try Sertraline 50mg daily. As usual,you've got to wait anywhere up to 4-6weeks to notice any benefit....but to be totally honest,on week 3, I've noticed my mood is a bit better, so that's a tick in that box. But more important,taking the Mirt at night,now is having a calming effect and I do feel a little sleepy!! So if you talk to your Doctor about this,he/she may suggest this for you. Obviously, we are adults and not qualified in any way to say what has worked for me will do the same for everyone. Worth talking over though? Hope you are able to come downstairs and enjoy the weather over this weekend.

Thanks for replying I take the Mitrazapan at night I'm glad you having a little benefit from Meds now may it continue .The doctor won't listen when I try to get X plain about not sleeping and won't give me anything other than the Mitrazapan is setraline a med from doctors or a over the counter med I also asked if she could suggest anything for my fluctuating body temperature but more or less said I would have to put up with it i will probably stay upstairs today because I have such a raging thirst spending most of time spending a penny lol

Yes the Sertraline is prescription based from my Doctor. I think your Doctor could possibly do a little bit more to see if there isn't anything you could take to help the insomnia. Hot flushes- my middle names- just had blood test done on Friday to see if its the dreaded menopause? I drives me mad- hot,cold,sweating hot,sweating cold. Absolute nightmare.

When I had menapause sail d through it but the m paying for it now lol .I have seen two doctors and they both won't help I hope in a way it is menapause for you at least you will ce through it. Oh well back to the drawing board for me take care

I use them if I'm desperate. Once spoke to a chemist about it who said he always takes them on a long haul flight.

Thanks I will ask my hubby to get me some from chemist did you get good nights sleep with them

they just seem to relax you into sleep

That sounds good to me

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