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Hi everyone I have at last been for my oxygen assessment and it would appear that I shall be going the route of ambulatory oxygen. I did the five minute walk or tried to with my walker but didn't last long oxygen fell to 71 I then did the walk again with the aid of oxygen bliss had forgotten how wonderful it is to walk without the strain and stress of puffing and panting pursed lips and all. I am sure I could have done a few cartwheels as well if it wasn't for oxygen bottle and its lead. I am a little nervous going down this route but if it makes my life easier got to go for it. The tank is so heavy yes can hang it on the walker but would have loved to have been totally independent and had a back pack but they are far too heavy to carry. The oxygen company are coming to the house tomorrow all being well to fit the units they are supposed to phone today so shall know more tomorrow. Will be a learning curve I shall ask them about smaller mobile units but I imagine it's a case of what the NHS will provide, and so a smaller more user friendly unit I imagine will have to be purchased by myself, and being retired and not made of money will have to be carefully looked into. Will let you know how I shall get on I am sure there will be moans and groans beware. Hope you all have a lovely weekend the weather at least is on our side. Take Care Pauline X

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Pauline, try asking for paediatric cylinders. I used to be on ambulatory oxygen and they gave me those - they are much lighter than standard adult cylinders. Apparently they cost a bit more (crazy as they contain less O2) so I made the case saying I would be far more active if I could have the cylinder in a back pack as like you I wouldn't be able to carry it on my back. Worth a try and you can say now that you know someone who has used the paediatric ones.

Thankyou Good to know these things before they arrive I shall certainly ask when they come to fit the units. I love to be in the garden pottering something smaller would be better and even better if I can get it through the NHS. 😄

Mine was NHS :)

Ef0lumps4 If the oxygen company is resistant (mine was) then go back to your nurse/prescriber and ask them to order the smaller ones for you.

O2Trees They are only seen as more expensive because they don't last as long and so have to be replaced more often, entailing more deliveries.

Thanks yes think it's worth my asking the oxygen provider when they come, the nurse did mention smaller ones for children but said they didn't last long enough but even if just an hour would be good for pottering in the garden .

Hi There, I have recently gone on oxygen. I was given 2 large tanks for the house and 2 small tanks with a backpack to take out. I found that I couldn't carry the backpack, so I rang the company (Air Liquide) and asked if they could provide a trolley. They were really accommodating and have provided me with a trolley that I can pull along. If the company you deal with aren't as accommodating, then ask whoever referred you for oxygen to change their specifications.

Good Luck,


Hi Helen I believe it is the same company Air Liquide I do have a walker which I can hook the so called mobile tank on didn't realise they were so heavy so wanted a body pack of sorts but shall see what comes about. Thankyou for your reply all advice from people all ready using can only be good still waiting for their call. 😄X

The tank I have is small (not the one the trolley is designed for). The helpful guy from Air Liquide put a foam block in the bottom of the back pack to raise the tank up and then fitted the back pack on the trolley.

Sounds like they are really helpful good to know they are understanding and listen and don't just drop off the equipment and bolt . Thankyou

Pauline, it's great to hear the 02 helped you so much doing the walk. I hope it continues to help you and make getting out and about a bit easier.

Thanks Billiejean looking forward to giving it a shot was disappointed they didn't call today as was expected as it's such good weather this weekend was hoping to potter around but not to worry lots more nice days coming around 😬☀️


It can take two/ three days for you first order to come through.

You get a welcome pack of Air liquide, make a note they only deliver next day Monday/Friday. Orders placed on Friday will be delivered Monday. No delivery on bank holidays. So for Easter order Wednesday for Thursday.

Thanks for the info Stone looks like it will be Monday Tuesday when I see them now. Enjoy your weekend.X


I find that I need two cylinders to do the things I enjoy (to have the time!), and a dear friend solved my problem by giving me a "granny" shopping trolley. It takes two cylinders, rolls along behind me and is wonderful.

My suppliers are also going to have trolleys available soon - but for a few quid, you could be up and running tomorrow :)


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