hi everyone hope you are all doing good. Well latest news is im confused got hrct scan to see if I had bronchiolitis but didn't show up. What showed up is slight fluid on lungs doc wasn't expecting this and has ordered urgent pelvic abdomen and heart scans. Have all the signs for bronchiolitis but didn't show up on scan. Asked about the original diagnosis of copd and apparently im on all the medication to treat but didn't actually tell me i had copd. I am so confused and scared. The doc wouldn't give me any definite answer and seemed to be as confused as me lol so still don't know what's wrong with me. Yeehooo more sleepless nights to look forward to lol why is the night time the worse time for worry panic and anxiety xoxox loads of love best wishes and happy thoughts to you all loretta xox

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  • Hi, most people are diagnosed by a process of elimination. Your Doctor is trying to get to the cause of your problems. From what you say he is being very thorough. It must be very worrying for you but I am sure you will get an answer.

  • thankyou bb trying to be positive but its hard wen u don't no how to help yourself do all the correct things xoxo

  • I think the unknown is the worse situation to be in. At least with a diagnosis you can plan and prepare. I hope you find your answers soon.

  • Sending hugs and hope you get more definitive answers soon. Xxxxx

  • I hope they soon get to the bottom of it. Nothing like being a medical mystery to get doctors excited. xx

  • Not sure about that, in my case faced with a mystery the default position was that there was nothing wrong with me.

  • I'm probably going to add to your confusion. The first written report on my HRCT scan by a consultant radiologist failed to mention any airtrapping. I tentatively suggested a second opinion, my consultant leapt at that idea and the second opinion found airtrapping, suggestive of Small Airway Disease which was confirmed by pulmonary function test. Abnormalities were missed by another consultant radiologist on a CTPA scan I had. Again another radiologist wrote a report so different it was hard to believe that it wae that same scan, or even the same patient! So without wishing to undermine your faith in your doctors a tiny smidgen of scepticism might be needed. Sorry. That doesn't help, does it?


  • Gets them excited, doesn't necessarily get them any further and either way they are slow! However, respiratory consultant did have the common sense to ask for a second opinion on my scan because he was concerned and cardiologist is trying to have a discussion with a cardiothoracic surgeon to see what they need to do about the recoarctation of the aorta. I agree with you about scepticism and I suppose I learnt that lesson so long ago that it is second nature. I try to learn as much as possible about my conditions so I can argue my corner. Comes in useful when you get sent to an emergency admissions unit where they try to give you treatments you know don't work. At least if you have something unusual the doctors will often keep worrying at it, but I have had a few occasions in the past when I look back that should have been dealt with differently. Probably why I learnt the scepticism lesson! I have been dealing with consultants off and on since 1961, and unusual conditions usually, but not always, get you on to the consultant's pile of notes.

  • thankyou all so much. I'm just so scared and bewildered. Going by my symptoms and listening to other people on here I was convinced I had bronchiolitis even to the extent that steroids don't seem to work for me and its usually a two week course of dioxycyclin (spelling wrong) that seems to help with chest infections. very rarely get phlegm up but constantly feel like I've a lump of gunk in my chest. I just need more information and what to ask the docs now. Take care everyone xox loretta

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