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Depression Anxiety & Lung Diease

Depression Anxiety & Lung Diease

Just of late i don't mind admiting THAT i have been suffering or struggling with depression and anxiety given my condition.

Just of late my leg hip pain decressed mobility as adversely effect my mood spirit.

My lung rehab WELL never went as felt to ill & My head scan thought f##% that too.

Is horried and by time i feel tad better days over.

Am hoping warmer times will bring happier times .... enjoy video n thanks for replys from other post.

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Small steps mate, take a victory any way you can. Better days to come I am sure.


Hope things pick up for you JAS. You take care. Love that song. Xxxx

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Warmer weather is giving me the much needed boost I needed JAS. I hope it works for you to. My mobility has suffered over the winter months so my confidence needs rebuilding also but if we work at it we'll get there,I'm sure of it. 😏.

Great tune choice 😎.


Hope you get some improvement soon brilliant song love it 👍


I hope the better weather helps you, Daz. Great music, thank you xx

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Sounds like you could do with someone to talk to about how you are feeling Jeff. Do you have a respiratory nurse? If so, they may have a contact for this - I know my nurse has mentioned this as a possibility. We all need help sometimes and it sounds like you could do with some support just now.

Take Care,



Hello Jeff. I'm hoping the warmer weather will lift your spirits. The sun always makes me feel a bit better. Take care. xx

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Hi Jeff, you've had a very difficult time in recent months and a lot of stress trying to make sure your dad got the treatment he needed.stress like that builds up and especially when you're not well yourself. I think Helen's suggestion is a good one, maybe you could check that out. Hopefully the light evenings and sunshine will lift your spirits and make it possible for you to get out and about more. I hope you feel better soon.


Thanks for the song JAS.

you seem to be having a bad time recently but I hope things get a bit better for you soon.

Take care


Brilliant Music - thank you for sharing ! Best wishes & take care x


Dear Jeff, I agree with Helen, about the talking therapy. Please ask your nurse or GP what is available.

I went on a Mindfulness and Meditation course run by a cancer charity, but it was open to everyone with a chronic health condition.

Do you have a local Breathe Easy group, I found that useful.

There is a Future learn course starting again on the 15 th of May, on the Internet and free unless you want to upgrade it and gain a certificate. I did the course last time and it has been invaluable.

Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performace from Monash University in Australia. The presenters alone are enough to lift your spirits and there is a chance to share respectful comments with others on the course who come from all over the world.

Best wishes, Jeff, and the sun is shining again....that makes such a difference to my mood and my aches and pains.


I did that course too, 4 years ago and it really calmed my anxiety down no end. Just being with people that were going through the same as me, was invaluable.

I did a 12 week Wellness Course, straight after it and made two lovely friends that I still meet up with.

The courses definitely brought me back from the brink of a mental breakdown. xx


One of the best things that I have done ,Casper, I often use their loving kindness meditation.

That and yoga, and some of Tryfans gentle exercises......all have helped with my anxiety.

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It was so calming knitter. They are definitely worth going to. xx

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Did you go to Monash uni to do it or do it online?

I was referred by my Counsellor to a local place that was running 6 week courses for the mindfulness and after that, another local MIND, wellness course for 12 weeks.

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Really enjoyed the song, I had never heard of him before. Take care and hopefully things will improve for you as the weather does.

Well Jeff not surprised the pain gets you down, its a little warmer this week so that should help the pain a little, notice I say a little. Used to have a client when I worked who took a shot of whisky everyday for leg pains, he had severe arthritis worth a try. Wish I could give you a miraculous cure but it just isn't going to happen, lifes a "bitch" A freind is taking this new calcium supplement on the market says it helps her but her arthritis is only mild and the supplement is expensive. Enjoy your music hope it takesyour mind off things, music helps me too plus a little bit of gardening, others say reading helps so keep up that research on line. I just found the gene that causes gout, it makes your kidneys miss process the uric acid.Seems everything comes back to Genetics. Take care speak again soon.

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I hope the coming better weather, lifts your mood Daz. Worrying and caring for a sick parent is bad enough for a healthy person, but, a thousand times worse when your sick yourself.

If you don't feel better, the sooner you get some support from your GP, the quicker you will find life manageable again xx


So sorry to hear you're feeling low Jeff. I hope you get some help and you're soon on the up.

Love the music!

Thinking of you Jeff MmeT


SO - you need to get out of the black hole. Clinical depression and COPD go hand in hand and one feeds off the other until you just want to stay in bed. For your own sanity and life, you need to do something about this state of affairs. The depression is the simplest to tackle...

Go and see your GP, tell him/her what's up, get some counselling and anti-depressants, pick yourself up - go to rehab and live your life.

Been down your road; still walking it with the help and support of good friends. The road goes on. Remember: whilst you're wondering where your next breath is coming from, someone is drawing his/her last. Make the most of what you have.



Good advice . Antidepressants lift you back to a more normal state of mind so you can cope with your problems better. They are not sedatives.

Lexapro antidepressant helps anxiety if you not on it - worth a try -no side effects -you can only feel better.

Hi depression affects most people with long term conditions. The sooner you get help from your GP. The sooner you can live your life again. I have just come back from a holiday touring the highlands of Scotland. And the driver of the coach and other passengers were really impressed. How I didn't let my disabilities affect what I did. I was put on antidepressants when I was dx with psoriatic arthritis due to all the thing you can get with having this type of arthritis. My COPD didn't bother me too much when I was first dx with it. But the past 5 years I have been getting slowly worse. Hope you get the help you need take care xx

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I have never found counselling helpful but as a female find it easier to talk with friends about everything. I have however seen a hypnotherapist who helped a lot with IBS caused by emotional anxiety. Very expensive but Helped a lot.

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