Evening everyone-missed yous all😢

Evening everyone-missed yous all😢

Been nipping in and out over the past few months, as you know we moved house on the 6th Jan, horrible time to move lol. Anyways all is done, Garden done for all the pups/dogs. Place built well 👌busy working all over the place, just need a break, a long break-been off this week just chill axing, took the boys and one of the dogs to Ayr beach and had a good night, off to Blackpool for Easter weekend then Benidorm for two weeks. Few pictures to follow. Take care and speak soon, I'm knackered with all that fresh air tonight😅.

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  • Hi there. I'm pleased to see you looking in. I remember the house move, and the reason for it. :) How have they settled now?

  • All is well, wife kids and doggies lol just a busy time before and after.

  • Very busy I would imagine. I am glad you are settled and getting away on holidays. :)

  • Wow, I'm exhausted reading about all that activity. Good on you for enjoying life with your family. Have fun. xx

  • Sounds like a really busy time so you deserve a break or two. Enjoy! Xxxx

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