Carers benefit- what's it supposed to cover?

I have been trying to sort out benefits today. I wanted to get my daughter claiming carers allowance as she is my primary cater. I was shocked and angry to discover that the money awarded is around a quarter of the minimum wage. It worked out as just over two pounds an hour. How do they even begin to justify that? Not only that but I have been told that I will lose my severe disability premium. I just don't know how we will manage. Does anyone know more about this. I'm sure it can't be right

Confused and fed up ,Kelda

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Hi Kelda, they take it off you, to pay them.

I lost my Disability Premium because I lived on my own and one of my son's came home to live.

The money they pay carer's is ridiculously low and they are only allowed to work for 16 hours and earn no more than about £105. 00 a week wage. We can't win either way. xx

Yes I think it is disgusting too - works out about £1.67 an hour as you have to guarantee 37 hours a week care for about £62.00 not even sure if that is legal viz. paying less than the minimum wage. I have to pay for carers myself and that would pay for about less than 4 hours a week and as my carers are different people each time I can't even claim it to help with my bills - but given what this government is doing to the poorest and the weakest in society don't expect any change till we hopefully get a new government.

I am afraid that you will lose your severe premium for the disgustingly low carers allowance so be careful which you decide to claim. My wife has had to give up her career (as a carer) losing a £1200 income for £62 a week as I need full time care now. She cannot claim any benefits aside as my personal pension is means tested for us both, despite her paying into the system in her own right. Its totally outrageous.

I have no idea how any Government ever got away with this - they are in breach of their own requirements, they are breaking the law governing the minimum wage.

They've got away with it because the level of Carer's Allowance was set long before the Living Wage was ever thought of. Someone needs to challenge this now that we have a legal minimum wage.

Typical they give you in one hand and take in the other ,A carer should be awarded at least minimum wage whether family or not so wrong xx

Thanks for your comments guys. It is shocking. I have no understanding of how they work these payments out. How you can lose the severe disability because someone comes to live with you, whether they are your carer or not, makes no sense to me.

It is awful in these times when so many, have to look after our seriously ill loved ones full time, (often without any help, and to their own financial detriment), because of the lack of provided social care or the expense of private care, that these carers are not entitled to financial support which reflects the amount of work they do. Moreover the fact that they cannot earn more than £110 a week just compounds the problem and increases poverty.

They deserve more recognition ..

I gave up my job to become full time carer for my wife when she was discharged from hospital after 6 months, eventually from brain injury rehab diagnosed with dementia (fortunately not degenerative). Luckily she has an occupational pension as well as PIP so money is not too tight.

I made sure to apply for the carers allowance though to get the NI credits for my pension. My NEST pension from work is estimated at 5 (Five) pounds per year.

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