Further to my post am feeling a little better today after a real melt down been picked up by a good friend who understands i wish i could understand why after knowing for months this isn't reversible did my whole attitude change overnight to hopelessness after visiting the hospital hopefully it will be like my kidney failure diagnosis and cancer eventually didn't let it rule my life thanks for all the supportive comments always good to know someone is listening

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  • Hi, so glad you are feeling a little better, we all feel like you have been feeling at one time. But we hold our heads high and say We can do this. Keep posting and let us know how you are. Have a lovely day, take care😊 xx Bernadette

  • Thankyou

  • I'm glad your feeling a bit better. As for the delayed reaction, when I was diagnosed, I thought I'd taken it pretty well until, over six months later, I had a major meltdown. People on here do say we go through stages, much like the stages of grief but, not in a particular order.

    You will come back from this xx

  • its been 5 months suppose it doesn't sink in for a while thanks for nice comments

  • Hi Margie

    Really pleased you are feeling more in control today ,so well done for that and i must say i am full of admiration for the way you have handled your other problems

    Hope to hear how you are getting on later




  • still quite down going for a chat Thursday with a friend who has it he will probably be better than all the medics thanks for your nice comments

  • Hi Margie

    Sorry didn't mean to suggest you were on top of everything and as you say you're not . But i do think you are doing really well and everyone needs a bit of encouragement .......I know i did so if you need to talk about anything we are here

    Take care


  • nothing to apologise for I'm a bit unpredictable at the moment wrrying about my hubby and kids they don't know everything suppose I'm trying to protect them even though they are grown men very lucky to have a wonderful hubby

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