Painting and sputum

Thought I'd give a update painting done he used Dulux Eco no problems with fumes Had a sputum test sent in last thusrsday was put on 5daysAbs till they tested for infection matron called yesterday hubby phoned because I had bad night Sunday .The sample has been lost so given Another 2days Abs and she coming Sunday for another sample .I am at the end of my tether don't want to get up hubby sneezing like mad can't sleep in spare room full of god knows what telephone counselling at 2.30 last week I couldn't do it because family turned up for our anniversary and counsellor was very snotty to me .I just so fed up and totally want to give up x

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  • Hi please don't give up, it must be hard and very upsetting for you but hang in there. I am sure you have plenty of support around you.pleas remember we are all here to help and give you support. Just say to yourself I can get through this. You take care and let us know how you are getting on. Have a lovely day.😊 xxx Bernadette

  • Thank you Bernadette I know there are people in a worse situation than me but I can't help feeling alone even though I got my husband and some people don't have anyone but I feel a burden I see my son a couple of times a week but other than a odd visit from niece or sister in law 2this year I see nobody I desperatley need to get a life before it to late I move from bed to chair that's it xx

  • Please try not to feel alone, but I do know know how you feel. I only see my husband, and I see my daughter a few times a week, but apart from that I see no one. It is hard, but I decided to take an open University course which has really helped. There are no groups I can go to near me, so like you I'm stuck at h pop me and at times I feel lonely and unwanted. But I keep smiling, and I know you can do it too, and you are certainly not a burden to anyone. If you ever want a chat just let me know. Keep smiling, and let me know how you are. Take care 😊 xx Bernadette

  • Thank you bernadette it is a viscous circle this depression what course are you doing I'm pleased it has been a help,please feel free to message me anytime I would like to be able to go out but I am so self conscious with the oxygen I have to go for a chest X-ray and sitting in the waiting room is going to panic me honestly I thought I would be coping better by now take carevxx

  • You will be fine, try not to worry. Let me know how you get on .have a nice evening 😊 xx Bernadette

  • I'm sorry that you didn't accept your telephone counselling call, T2D, as it may have been helpful to you and I know they have quite a waiting list. Their calls are made by appointment, as you will know, so I hope you can be fitted in again. It can be difficult to do, but sometimes we need to make an extra effort to help ourselves cope a little better.

    I wish you well. xx

  • I didn't refuse the counselling when the lady rang and asked if I was on my own and able to speak I just told her that my sister in law had unexpectedly turned up with flowers for our ruby anniversary I wasn't expecting her l have had counselling today best wishes x

  • I think /T2d did accept the telephone call it just happened that her sister in law arrived with some anniversary flowers at the same time, she was in a very awkward situation. She couldn't speak to the counsellor whilst her relative was there and she couldn't ask her relative to leave. T2d makes a lot of effort. Regards Lilian

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