New to COPD?

It can come as quite a shock

When they say COPD.

It sounds much like a sentence

And you never will be free.

But the help you get from this group,

Will show you that's not true.

Follow all the good advice

That they will pass to you.

Eventually when your time comes,

And Grim Reaper calls your name.

It's really most unlikely

That COPD will be to blame.

9 Replies

  • Best one yet Don! Well done! Xxx 😘

  • Excellent :) :)

  • Nice one Don. Great message. XXX

  • Well said! :)

  • Looking forward to the Don Anthology. You must have a huge number now?K x

  • Sorry Luv, I don't even have copies of most of them.

  • That's a really good one it made me smile....

  • Enjoyed that one Don. Thank you. And your new (?) profile picture is very nice. Midge is adorable. 🌻🌷🌹 Have a good night.

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