COPD owners WORKSHOP manual

COPD owners WORKSHOP manual

Well I received my copd owners workshop manual from my local pulmonary rehabilitation team.

1+ COPD Owners Workshop Manual :(

1+ CAT " meow " COPD Assessment Test :O

1+ MRC Had Scale Lu16

1+ NHS BCKQ Bristol Copd Knoledge Questionnaire

And nothing for my dodgy HIP's lit been killing me GOSH if I go back to my GP's he will think am neurotic :O

But my summing up of information IS do I know am bushed and am I mental or depressed given what I know.

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Super cartoon, an oxycat really would be disastrous.

Hi Jeff , thats a funny picture made me smile. Read your links they do not surprise me about the HCPs not knowing much about the drugs , even pharmicist only know what they can look up on the computer if you have an adverse reaction. And you are right go to Gps and you either end up with a mental health record or labelled as neurotic. on the opposite side if you persevere without seeing them, you can't be ill because your not going to the doctors.!!!! I scored 26 on the COPD scale as I am only mild/moderate. Oh and that Pulmonary rehab, ended me up at physio with a flare of arthritis, wrong exercises apparently for me personally. So are we chronically sick and disabled or just mental, that suggests that we can't be given a correct diagnosis even if we have more than one illness. :) :) Its a no win situation apparently we will have to go on regardless. So I hope your hip feels better today, by the way Jeff being neurotic means the doctor has given up on you really, so take care and don't allow them to give up.Could go on but going to post a letter on the bus of course, enjoy your day .

Hi Katie What more could I add really that's great reply and my sentiments exactly :)

Love the cartoon ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

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