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GPs are not Pulmonary Specialists are they?

after a few months of having been diagnosed with COPD I concluded that rarely are doctors specialists in this arena, significantly more knowledgeable than me [thankfully] but like any area of Specialist, it is that person working in the Pulmonary Arena that has the most up-to-date knowledge and experience. Whilst my GP [well any one of about eight at the Surgery I attend] may have the data to hand, please note I did say may, it is the Pulmonary Nurse or one of them in the team that arranges tests and can introduces changes. This applies to travel arrangements too.

This in no way reflects on our noble GPs battling away with 100s of other ailments on a daily basis.

My Oxygen supplier is unable to help and advises that the Pulmonary Team advise and prescribe dosage and method and the Supplier just falls in line. Like roz38 & her husband my wife and I wish to travel. Not flying, I might add, therefore one ought to expect it to be simpler.

Trying to keep matters simple, we wish to travel by Motorhome over a period of 3-4 days for starters. I am in need of Long Term Oxygen Therapy at a rate of 15ltrs/minute for 15-18 hours a day at home and have the Oxygen Concentrator at home to support this.

Travelling is a change, therefore guidance, advice and indeed a change in prescription is necessary is required from the Pulmonary Team to enable the Oxygen Supplier to support my needs. It has been impossible so far to speak to anyone in my Support Team so a change can be brought about.

Anyone have ideas as to get the appropriate Nurse[s] to hone me? Easter fast approaches but will we be able to get away in our Motorhome? Incidently we will not have continuous access to Power - some places we stop will have power but others we rely on Solar Panels.

It is not just getting the right person to speak to, it's speaking to them so the Oxygen Supplier can supply appropriately.

with regards


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Your GP may have a contact number for them, your local hospital certainly will (if they are hospital rather than surgery based). Good luck with the holiday.


as ever mrsmummy you are correct

I have the phone number for The Team [hospital based] but each of the team could be at a number of places. The key member[s] I need to speak to are never at the numbers I call so I end up mostly just leaving messages. Hopefully, I will not only get a response from a Key Team Member but I will get one in time to arrange something for my holiday with the Oxygen Supplier awaiting my new instructions.


Lovely idea but...................

That is why the mobile or portable oxygen concentrator [known as MOC or POC] are much better. Not only is the unit I have for home use very noisy and bulky, managing to block all passageways whether being used or not, but it also will not run without a power source as it is designed for running from the mains.

POCs can be self-supporting in that some run from batteries as well as a power source. We have solar panels in the Motorhome, so if power demand is low, all will be well if no other external power is available. The batteries can then also be topped up.

Currently, I am listed for home concentrator use at 4 litres per minute for 15-18 hours per day. Should I wish to change which I clearly do, albeit, for a short time frame, the nurse has to make the declaration on my behalf? I am unable to make contact with that decision maker with knowledge.

Thanks for the suggestion and all going well we will finally get some resolve here with the decision maker.

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